How blizz utilized streamers to market the game

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It’s kind of dangerous tho. When you are relying on an outside 3rd party for pretty much all of your marketing you better not fxck up because then all the news about your game coming out is negative. Especially when they can use the negative news to drive attention for them and their content.

Oh and yeah I really really really hate how retail devs use Twitter to answer things and reply instead of their own purpose built forums.


looks at the pile of pinned news posts at the top of the forum

Uh, okay.


looks up at the blue posts

Hmm ok.


those “pile of blue posts” are a sliver of the information about the game that is out there. even going to the beta bug report section yield virtually no information.

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Also to be fair marketing and information are two different things.

The classic team has already proven to be much much better and getting information out for people who don’t want to try and scavenge through twitter.


omg, I think we just found the first thing we can both agree on.

I have long hated how the entire games industry has moved away from their own platforms to jump on the social media train to the detriment of their reputations. Don’t they realize the average person isn’t a social media junkie ?


yes but not through the forums which as another person pointed out are “purpose built” for that exact reason


Oh noes, there’s a different way to reach a major gaming audience and I don’t like it, rawr rawr rawr!!!

Let’s face it- Twitch streamers have a huge influence on gamers of the next generation, and honestly, Blizz would be remiss in ignoring that impact.

I don’t have a twitch account. I don’t understand how it works. But I do understand it’s a huge cultural phenomenon and that it is well respected within the gaming community.

Just because something is new and you don’t understand it doesn’t make it inherently bad. There’s not one way of doing something, and we should be open to new iterations within our worlds.


I dont care that streamers are being used to advertise. Im talking about raw information about the game that should be posted on the forums and ISNT because its been delegated to other platforms.

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What information exactly are you looking for Blizzard to post directly to the forums? Most major information releases like the content plan or opening new servers are posted to the forum. That’s because its format lends itself to important news that should be visible for a long period of time.

What’s more, the amount of a product’s community that is going to use that product’s forum is a fraction of the overall userbase. Whereas things like Reddit and Twitter have far larger reach. So Blizzard wants to spread different information out to different places that is going to reach the maximum size of the audience. The WoW forums have never been the spot for that.


lets start with having the AMA on the forums that were designed for that purpose rather then forcing people to make an account with a 3rd party service to participate. The information may be posted here now, but if you wanted to participate, you couldnt as a strictly forum using person.


The forums were absolutely not designed for an AMA-style questioning. What’s more, AMAs are one of the things Reddit is known for and it would be very weird to have an AMA on a platform that isn’t Reddit.

And, like I mentioned in the rest of my post that you left out, the Classic WoW subreddit has over 200,000 subscribers. That’s 200,000 people who, even if they aren’t super actively participating in discussions, are still getting posts and topics sent to their front page every day. I’m willing to bet money the Classic forum doesn’t have a fraction that many regular posters and the forums aren’t set up to notify people as frequently.

And lmao at acting like opening a Reddit account is some burdensome task.


I shouldnt need to when i have an active account on the games own forum. burdensome? not really. annoying? for me yes. beyond that, people ask relevant questions here all the time and they are frequently ignored. if blizz wants to play it close to the vest thats fine, but ignoring the question entirely is not okay when they havent already given an answer in the past whether its a “were not telling” or a “this is what we know and are willing to share.”

particularly when you instead hold an event on another platform that is entirely unrelated to answer questions about your game.


Yes, the subreddit for Classic WoW is completely unrelated to playing Classic WoW. 'kay

Blizzard doesn’t answer every question on any platform, much less their own. No major developer does. They are never going to. This has nothing to do with keeping things secret and much more to do with the developers having better things to do than answer the unending torrent of garbage that pours out of every public forum.


then at the minimum posting sources to things like dev interviews here would be nice so we dont have to sort through miles of trash on other platforms.


Like this one?

Or this one?

Maybe this big info dump?

Or this quick little update?

I could go on for a while, every post posted to either the forums or the official WoW site. It kind of seems like you just don’t want to put even the slightest modicum of effort into looking for news.


there are plenty that arent on this platform. promise.

You can go to several channels on youtube that have several dev interviews that arent posted here. private interviews as well, which were streamed, but never posted here.


Okay champ.


and in turn Blizzards provides “content” that these streamers and youtubers use to entertain their audiences, the audience plays more wow. Its a symbiotic relashionship. Win Win.