How big do you have to be to get alpha/beta?

It’s random. Anybody can get into beta. It’s not about who’s popular, however, because a lot of streamers got Alpha because they’re pushing content, they also got into beta.

Just wait and you’ll probably get it.

It’s pretty random it seems. However, I participated in every PTR and raid test in BFA, and I got in right before raid testing on Beta. So maybe they draw people from that?

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For random people like you and I it’s random. But for top level wow content creators I promise you it was not random. All my op is asking is what level of “influencer” do you need to be that it becomes a given.

Streamers are more likely to get it, yes, because they’re making content for it, and that gets word out about the expansion. But plenty of normal non-streamers are getting it. One of my friends doesn’t stream, and he still got it.
Also what this person said-

So big streamers are getting it and it may be coincidental, it is still undeniably random.
As for what level of ‘influence,’ who knows?

If you play the whole game, pve, pvp, grouping for mythics, raids & dg’s, I think you have a better shot at getting an invite than those who only play part of the game.

As for how many subs you need to have if you’re a YT’er, Idk. I think they may select a couple of well known & popular YT’ers & streamers and then the rest are people who play the whole game.

That’s just my best guess. I really don’t know. GL OP. I hope you get an invite.

I’d say this is in part due to the fact the number of total invites they’ve sent thus far is still very low. Probably wouldn’t be seeing feedback about difficulty finding dungeon runs on beta otherwise.

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This thread makes me tired.



It’s random for the most part, but I don’t see an issue with Blizzard giving beta access to streamers and content creators. I mean it would practically be a crime against marketing to not make sure those with big audiences who consistently talk about and make content for your game have access to your newest expansion of said game.

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6’11” :muscle: :muscle: :wink:

Im not a streamer, and I sure dont have any connections.
I was in both Alpha, and Beta, for BFA.

At least eight inches.

I got bfa beta too, but I heard that they sent out an insane amount of beta invites for bfa so idk

But why release raid testing if you’re not going to target everyone in top guilds to actually test this stuff

Possibly because not everyone of them would be there to test.
Some would be there looking for any advantage and hoping if they
find one. It wont be deleted.

I’m not very big and I have beta.

Beats me. I was also commenting on the fact that it seems the beta population is incredibly low for the “3 months before release” point compared to past testing cycles.

It is random.

When I was in Beta Classic, most people in there are no streamer or youtuber. But I enjoyed being included on a Cast when I grouped with a popular streamer.

There was this non-popular streamer. He was salty when he was not invited in Beta. LOL.

im glad im not in the beta imagine getting fed up with an xpack before its even out :wink:

Outside of “big” youtubers (100k + subs) like Marcelian or Hazelnutty I don’t think it matters, anyone below that is chosen at random.

Every top guild is obviously going to be looking at developing mythic starts in beta testing, there’s no way around it and has been this way forever. Blizzard used to invite paragon to a closed beta to test the raids