How big do you have to be to get alpha/beta?

From a youtuber or twitch streamer standpoint, how many youtube subs or twitch followers or whatever else would you say would be the threshold for those people to basically be 100% guaranteed a beta key to SL or any future expansion for that matter?

2 of my guildies has the beta and they’re just another face.

Why are you so mad

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If you tweet at them and they get a notification about it, I’d say that’s a start.

I’ve been invited to every beta from Mists up through BFA, this is the first one I’ve yet to get, and I’m a nobody. Even have an account suspension under my belt. Sometimes you get in, sometimes you don’t. Making a name for yourself seriously helps though.

Sometimes it’s random, sometimes they have automated systems which determines a “profile” of the type of player you are, and sometimes it’s for free advertising and exposure. You don’t need to be in the beta to see whether or not you will like something about it, and the extra exposure and feedback would typically be helpful if a company were inclined to listen.

3 members of the world second us guild don’t have it, I don’t know if popularity has much to do with it


I don’t think I have ever got an invite to an expansion. I always give it up to being that I got very lucky to get an early invite to the vanilla beta. That as I see it used up all my luck for at least another 5 years.

At least 6’3 and 200lbs. Anything lower than that and you’re stuck in retail like the rest of us plebs.



i was too slow

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Pretty big. At least a size 13.

im mad? I just wanna know how big of a youtuber you’d need to be for blizz to basically giveyou full access.

How’s that make me mad? Does asking questions make someone mad? So I guess you asked me why am I so mad, so that makes you mad too?

Are you assuming that I youtube but am not popular enough to think I merited beta? I am not/don’t. It was just a quest. Read further into innocuous things more, dude.

You’re clearly mad and jealous that Blizzard uses big profile influencers as a marketing tool, yes. This is the world you live in. Get over it



Sounds like you just want to have an excuse to find any reason to talk down to someone and are willing to use any context to justify it.

My question was just a question. Would someone with 1000 followers get beta invites regularly? 5000? Or do you gotta be someone like Bellular or Asmongold with dozens of thousands to be certain to get a beta invite?

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For content creators, I really doubt there’s a hard and fast rule. The bigger your platform is the more likely you are to make it into the alpha.

You’d have to go look at every streamer or Youtuber you can find to see exactly who was invited.

You asked a question expecting an answer. I answered your question, and because you didn’t like what someone else had to say you’re attempting to shoot me down.

Stay classy, friend

You’re probably right there isn’t just some set number where someone goes “oh hey bob the streamer has 5k+ viewers regularly give him an invite” But there are people (like Asmongold and Bellular in my previous example) who as long as they keep making youtube videos and streaming will almost certainly always get first round invites.

I guess my original question left a lot of things up for speculation.

I bet if you white knight on the forums REALLY hard…maybe

You made a very hard and deep assumption about my post and your entire reply was rooted exclusively in that mindset and literally nothing else. You are adding absolutely nothing to the conversation and your contributions are only in your interest in furthering your “u mad bro” narrative. I am done with you now, move to the next thread if you have nothing to add to the topic of this one.

Also, keep using overused dismissive meme tactics, friend.


This should be enough alone to deduce that you need to at least be noticed. i.e it’s likely not as simply as slapping a number on it

I am not mad I am not in the beta, but I will admit that I am mad I can’t block people like you.