How bad does destro feel post nerfs?

They look pretty rough…

Its the same but just way squishier honestly the armor removal kinda turned warlocks into paper plates

Its sucks. Not as bad as the devs though.


Very bad into anything with melee damage

Not having any trouble at all so far. I had no idea there was a nerf until I visited the forums. Damage feels good, additional movement utilizing night fae, portals, and teleport helps. I’d say just don’t stand in bad stuff, melee range, and utilize your defensive CDs

Lol affy in arenas is a joke rn. Demo is doing well. But as for don’t stand in bad stuff lol. You lose armor and the mobility can only keep you alive for so long before you get globaled by the fast paste meta

I was really just speaking on my experience thus far. As far as Mythic plus goes…. Yes there are mobs that aoe the crap out of the group, and sometimes it’s just hard. Utilizing the full toolkit hasn’t given me any real problems yet up to 17s

Congrats on mythics! I’ve never really gotten into pve much but as for pvp it’s a dead spec rn lol!


No viable to pvp anymore, you only find a group to arena if you have a friend to help, no one wants to comp with a toilet paper.

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I think he was asking about pvp. In pve lock is probably the most tanky dps. There’s very few mechanics killing you even in a 22 unless you stand in ***** 24/7.

But in pvp it’s different. I gave up on pvp with my lock in s1 but in s1 melee cleave would kill me in a stun thru DP and UW while my healer was free to cast. It was kind of ridiculous …