How are rogues in pvp?

Are they good for BG’s? are they fairly easy to use also?

Hi Tzhen,

Rogues are great for battlegrounds, and have an array of abilities and specs that allow for meaningful, impactful plays.

The least gear dependent spec is assassin I think, I only play subtely.

Before rolling one have a think about your personal play style.

Do you prefer to just got ham, charge into the think of it and mash buttons, or do you prefer to sneak around the edges, pick off the weak. I have found you need to be quite patient to play this class.


Rogues are not a casual class if you want to be good. If you want to be casual, play a ret paladin or a death knight.

Rogues take serious skill to be good at and you can tell when someone is new to the class and rerolls assassination because they think they will perform well.

Once you are grandmaster at the class you can venture into subtlety, but if you are dedicated to being good at a rogue id start assassination and learn to optimize your combo points, track your stun dr and enemy buffs.


They are extremely good, but absolutely will get destroyed if you just try hop on one and mongo around like other melee. They have an almost infinite skill cap and youll be rewarded by pursuing rogue mastery.


I got to like 1800 in RBGs on rogue back in MoP & the only purpose I had was back capping flags, and holding up as many people as I could so my team would win mid fights.

Sap whoever is guarding flag, cap, they will trinket, blind, cap, re stealth, cheap shot, into a 5pt kidney, SD ambush-evis burst, if you can’t kill, kite, repeat lol. Most of the time 2 or 3 will come from mid to try to recap giving your team in mid an advantage or they just lose the point for a few mins.

It might be different nowadays but I’m assuming it’s the same play style, rogues have never been brawlers. They usually get deleted in team fights but their CC and the utility of stealth can really make you a nuisance to the other team

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