How are locks right now

Title. Just wondering how the nerfs are doing

Just fine considering soul leech nerf doesn’t matter when you play mlx and most people still have to train the mage all game. And tank trink/vitality nerf just helps mlx.

Chaos Bolt cast time is 0.2 seconds now, up from 0.1.


so thats a 200% nerf, kinda overboard imo


Borderline unplayable

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I feel no difference. Still fast bolts, soul leech still my top healing.

Screenshot as my mage died; this was a 2-4 minute game with eats/zandalari racial. Flash Point nerf doesn’t feel like a huge difference either.

they went from possessing 6 infinity stones to 5

still terrifying but not quite full Thanos anymore

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Honestly don’t notice a difference XD

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I swear you could slap on a bunch of nerfs and they’d still be busted

I still want conflag root requiring immolate so you can’t just freely root someone the second they get dispelled on your half a second fear cast into more free damage


Flash point nerf is like they rewound the game to 6 weeks ago when they had 1 less haste amp. Were Destro casts ok 6 weeks ago? Didn’t think so.

Soul Leech nerf is laughable. It’s a 50% nerf to half the healing from the talented version (passive and active healing are pretty equal). The equivalent of giving a serial killer a slap on the wrist then sending them on their way.

I agree, buff destro.

Seems balanced to me:

They should just make conflag root a slow instead.

I think flash point is a bigger nerf when they aren’t running haste amps (like versa stuff)

But ya if you’re running hate amps it’s just so high to begin with honestly