How About Removing The Anima Cap?

Could we also get a lower CD on conduit energy? Instead of it being a day can we get it to like an hour? You already said you would get rid of it in 9.1.5 cant we make it less painful until then?

They said that in this thread

They are saving that for the next PR blunder.

Great news. Thanks.

So new players have to collect 64k anima and wait weeks as they accumulate souls to unlock and upgrade their sanctums before they can send anima to alts!

You realize those same new players’ alts would get there faster on their own collecting anima and souls. How do you guys come up with such arbitrary and ridiculous restrictions to quality of life changes?

Or I guess you’re setting things up to announce a change to the weekly souls quest but gotta make us all wait for that big announcement. Sounds like something you’d do.


200k? lol why not just remove the cap.


Scroll up and look at the blue post from Kaivax…

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While you guys do this kind of stuff, can you pretty please make the queens conservatory catalysts stack in 200s rather than 20? I’m one of those that want to dabble with it some time so don’t want to just vendor a bunch of it now.

I appreciate these changes. Could you clarify if this will be a 1:1 conversion or at a loss like with other currencies we can send to alts?

You guys are killing it right now. Thank you.

It’s been a while since I’ve smiled reading WoW news. This last week has been a treat. I hope it’s not a temporary feeling like it was following changes in BFA and Legion. :slight_smile:

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You stop getting them once all your conduits (including off spec) are at 226 or above.

It’s amazing seeing the amount of communication ramped up so quickly and to a decent level. Keep it up Blizz!

That’s nice and needed indeed, but why have a cap at all? seems that unlimited would save time from having to go back and fix the cap again, 200,000 isn’t going to take long to fill at all


Is it really? It’s more “on the forums” instead of online interviews but this is the usual prepatch hype they always do.

Lets see if they keep it up after 9.1.5 is live.


I tend to agree here, we need real change that lasts

Can we please get confirmation if anima will be usable in all covenants or if its just whichever covenant you deposited the anima to?

I mean, it’s great that we’ll be able to send, but… I’d like to funnel anima to a specific alt without having to max out the sanctum… I’ve got it maxed out on my main but still…


I’ve had 180k of this stuff in my bags and it’ll be nice to get rid of it.

Are you still getting rid of the anima cap altogether in 9.1.5?

The collection ride never ends. More Anima more alts more mog more WoooOOOOOooooo

Change in leadership=hope remains and I will be patient.