How About Removing The Anima Cap?

The changes in 9.1.5 seem promising, but one change I feel would be a huge benefit and a easy to fix would be removing the anima cap. I can’t be the only person who’s been over the anima cap for awhile now and just has endless supplies of anima clogging up their bags. The cap seems rather pointless now as anima is plentiful and some of us literally have nothing to spend it on. The cap just keeps our bags clogged up and makes us actually want to avoid things in the game that reward anima.


Would be nice.


Now we need only wait for engagement again to falleth for it to be implemented.

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YESSS! It looks like they just increased the cap today to 200k. All my anima in my bags disappeared when I went to deposit some and I was like what the heck? Turns out there’s a hotfix that increased the cap!

With a hotfix that has just gone live in all regions, the cap has been increased to 200,000 Anima.

Thank you for your feedback on this and other issues!


Thank you guys for these quality of life changes! Felt great to finally get the 50 slots of anima out of my bags!

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Just noticed on the the PTR that Reservoir Anima still has a separate “bucket” for each Covenant. Any plans for it to be shared across Covenants?


Thank you. I think 200k is a big enough cap. Now if the devs would just give us more things to buy with anima… And let us transfer it to alts.



But what about this: your anima storage is actually account-wide and usable by any character in any covenant.

My Shaman has all rewards that cost anima and is sitting at 35k unused anima, only to get more an ima that will not be used.

Meanwhile my Warrior and Monk dont have anima to do anything and grinding it with no bonus makes me sleepy.

You could also do something about the Grateful Offerings, which has a daily max to get and very grindy to actually buy something. Maybe make rares and Treasures drop those too?

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Yes. We intend to introduce a way for Anima to be transferred to alts (or to other Covenants on the same character) from characters who have fully upgraded their Covenant Sanctum in patch 9.1.5.


Kaivax could you please pass on to the team that we would also really like to see Black, Brown and White hair for Void elves in addition to the ones we’re getting? We would be grateful if they could be added thank you :heartpulse: EDIT: And I’m terribly sorry for the extra request, I’m asking for our friends and others in the community too <3


Thank you, Kaivax.

The increase in communication is appreciated.


Could you let us send anima to alts? Please? It’s still time gated because of Souls for upgrades and the Offerings for xmog. Tax it like soul ash if you want. It doesn’t make sense nor feel good to hoard anima on one character.


Any chance you can add a conversion item so you can convert Anima to Research since yeah you put a massive grind into the game twice (Anima) and (Research) and neither is very fun to deal with, if we have an option to switch them back and forth we can do quest or search for nuts in trees like squirrels…

(Hey why not give us a squirrel form that every once in a while gets applied while opening up these marshrooms or grommit form…lol)

They will in 9.1.5…

Thanks for the update.

Feedback: Why not just remove the cap?

Could you pass along some info about Grateful offerings? Potentially just remove them so people have something to spend anima without a secondary currency.

Also can we you make the Conduit 226 upgrade transferable to other characters - I have maxed out my conduits using those on my main (all specs are 226) and will soon be getting extra’s of those that I will just have to trash or vendor so it would be awesome if I could send them to my alts.

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Good. Very good.