[H]<Over It> New raiding guild LF more!

Who We Are:
< Over It > is a new casual raiding guild for people who are looking to have a good time while raiding and are just kind of Over It when it comes to the drama and silly antics that come with this game. We will focus on clearing Heroic raid content for Aotc. Our goal is to get AotC each tier just having fun while raiding. We will also be looking to push M+ and some pvp if people are interested. We are looking to build more than just a raiding guild but a place for people to get together and have a good time in wow or even outside of it on other games.

Raid times:
Tuesday and Wednesday: 8:00 - 10pm EST

What We’re Looking For:
We are just forming so we are currently looking for just about everything. We value the person over skill so if you are a respectable adult who is an experienced raider or someone just looking to start out, we can work with you!

If you have any of the following traits, it’s a bonus for our guild:

1.An awkward sense of humor.
2.MATURE but knows how to have fun.
3.Love of all things nerdy.
4.Willing to learn or take criticism.

Voice Chat (required):

Contact Us:
Bnet: Tommy#15785
Discord: OnFleek#1201

We hope to hear from you!