Hotfixes - Updated September 10 2019


check this out devs, lul


I’m getting this as well.


Was mythic Aggramar intentionally nerfed so that the embers do not do damage while kiting the boss over dead adds?

And does anyone know if Mythic Eonar was nerfed also?


okay, yea sure i guess


If you’re talking about naz and mech rep it literally takes two weeks to get the rep for flying. What’s the problem?

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New hotfixes update!


Thanks for telling us.

Could you maybe put a link or copy and paste the patch notes here though. That would also be helpful


wowvoiceproxy.exe. for classic client

Bring my cpu usage up 15% to 20%

Any fixes on this maybe?


Welcome to the true classic experience! Months of massive server lag and crashes~!

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