Hotfixes - Updated September 10 2019

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Hi Kaivax,

Regarding “The Flight Master’s Whistle will no longer drop players off at unintended locations,” if we get dropped off randomly from normal flight paths, should we submit a bug, or is this a known issue? Today, on a flight from Dalaran [Broken Isles] to Stormheim, I saw a loading screen and ended up in the Great Sea to the East/Northeast of Suramar City. Wasn’t a big deal, didn’t have a fatigue bar, so just swam close enough to shore to use the flight whistle and got another flight without issue.

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And what about the pet dismissal problem we are still experiencing? My pets still reappear after I dismiss them and I’m getting really tired of it.

You can check out the post here.

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didn’t fix flight whistle as far as I can tell. 14 alts today (april 11th) all sent to goldtusk inn that’s only unlocked on main.


Would like to know what’s going on with the massive lag issue I’m having? It is not an internet / router issue. Is this being experienced by others / being addressed by Blizz?


are there any plans to fix mythics so we can get in them at the level we can use the gear ?


I have it - the good old stutter-step.


Anecdotally I had some gnarly lag in Twilight Highlands yesterday, as did a the other, known folks in-zone. I was told that if there are folks farming hardcore it can lag that zone, even with low indicated world/home latency on the users end (50ms for both). Apparently there is a location in TwiHighlands for farming volatile water. Later on Sunday night, no issues.


My friends and I have been experiencing this as well. We live in completely different states so it’s not our internet. The servers honestly feel like they are getting worse over time, not better


just got back from a trip . tried to log in keeps saying fetching encoding table .
what is this . cant play game help please


You seriously nerfed a pet battle ? What was it too hard for raiders to do ?

That pet battle need TWO PETS to do and 5 abilities. It was not hard.

I sure hope you don’t continue nerfing these pet battles so that people who are too lazy to go out and get the pets can do them.


When will we see the instanced pvp class balance change notes? Many people have seen the stats change in the past 24 hours and as such trying to find what actually changed (pack spirit shaman, dh purge heal, dk death strike?). Assumed it would be posted but nothing. This is a huge thing for those of us trying to gear alts and making educated choices on such if it can be passed along. I made a post in general discussion on this as well. Thank you


Are Shadow Priests and Affliction Warlocks still viable? Or do they require extra gear/gem. I havent played in 2years so i’d like to know if I can PvP/BG with these classes/specs. Still and be satisfied with the DPS


Rianthon- Affliction is absolutely horrible and has been the entire xpac. Shadow priest suffered some recent nerfs after already getting nerfed pretty hard but there still viable in certain comps with BIS traits and gear.


my internet is fine blizzard what is wrong with the server it keeps lagging horrible dc constantly


Yes lag has been a problem. Yesterday I had a hard time doing the calligraphy quest on Virgil Hill because the game wasn’t picking up my movements. It showed like I was cutting across the circle …

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you guys forgot 1 thing ( well kinda 2 but one as a whole) you forgot to remove the 2 reps from pathfinder AKA to stop forcing content on us. but no instead its play our way an like it or quit. so sad blizz what you have become

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Can you guys fix the hotfix link on the World of Warcraft home page?


Where’s the fix for the Worgen lag tho?