Hotfixes - Updated October 5

Good for you.

I am out here trying to ruin their day because of their constant complaints seeded in their min/maxing. They annoy me. They push for changes that annoy me, like the stuff about Covenant skills.

They can go eat a popsicle for all I care. Covenant’ skills should remain bound by it. I want it that way. Makes me feel unique and special, like a pink snowflake.

But you’re not unique at all, you pay the same sub that I pay.

In the category “sub paying” then yes, we are quite similar.

But once the covenants come, I’ll pick one, you may pick another one, lots of people will be different from us, min/maxers will cry at forums and I’ll feel pretty unique. Precious snowflake-ish.

Yeah honestly if they tie abilities to separate covenants, I just won’t be playing.

RNG mind flay tentacle procs that do 50% of your damage in arena isn’t balanced? /s

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Yeah, I can honestly say that Blizzard hit the nail on the head with this one. Great change. Don’t have to worry about hitting a cap now when completing quests, which I thought I did until I looked. Bag space saved. Good job, Blizz.

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How about making infinite stars hit training dummies so I can get a more accurate view of my dps?

The OP has been updated with the following hotfixes:

March 5, 2020

Dungeons and Raids

  • Ny’alotha, the Waking City
    • Il’gynoth, Corruption Reborn
      • Cursebreak damage within the smallest ring sizes reduced by 30% on Mythic difficulty.
        • Developers’ note: With the following change to Cursebreak, raid groups are far less punished for dispelling the debuff with proper timing.
    • Carapace of N’Zoth
      • Resolved an issue where Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve sometimes attempted to send players to Wrathion twice.

Items and Rewards

  • Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve
    • Draconic Empowerment (Rank 12 effect) now grants the wearer 3,648 of their primary stat when triggered (was 3,386).
    • Corrupted Items
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the Gouged Eye of N’Zoth from adding sockets to some raid weapons with a set Corrupted Effect (e.g. Eyestalk of Il’gynoth).
      • Fixed a bug that prevented Ineffable Truth (Corruption Effect) from reducing the cooldown on some abilities that have charges.
        • Demon Hunter: Demon Spikes, Fracture, Throw Glaive
        • Monk: Guard, Healing Sphere, Renewing Mist
        • Mage: Phoenix Flames
        • Warlock: Dark Soul

WoW Classic

  • The Item Restoration self-service system now retains information on disposed of Uncommon and Rare quality items for 30 days (was 7 days for Uncommon quality items, 15 days for Rare quality items). This hotfix is not retroactive and will not apply to any items for which the retention period has already expired.

you want to fix something fix this BS you did to my class frost dks are a joke now and if its like this in new xpac ill be leaving wow after 12 years of playing.

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they fired 800 employees fairly certain that Quality control was part of it.

OP updated!


After reading this about 5 times today it is to my understanding that you only have to have one rank 3 azerite essence to activate the new currency at this time i have 6 character’s that have a rank 4 azerite essence on them 3 of which are siting in the chamber and not one of them can activate the new currency at all along with the fact of the one that I did the Mogu assault on and did not get a thing other than what came from the chest which you use to get the item that lets you go into the horrific visions. Now my question is not getting the essences is it due to having to be a specific essence that needs to be rank 3 or not reason for asking is the FACT that no where in your post does it state that it needs to be a specific one


[With regional restarts] Updated player health, damage, and healing scaling to compensate for Azerite Essences and Corruption.
    Developers’ note: Timewalking is meant to be largely gear-agnostic, allowing players with different progression and even different levels to group together. We’ve generally added hidden modifiers to offset the power of special systems like Legion’s artifact weapons while still allowing them to function, but had not done so for recent Battle for Azeroth systems, causing large imbalances in power between endgame players with Corruption and Essences.

Way to screw up the Timewalking raids, no one is bothering to do them since the ilvl loot rewards are lower than easier ways to obtain higher ilvl items.

Never learn, do you. Just like China

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OP is updated with the latest hotfixes.

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This is nice, but I had not really planned on obtaining the cloak on all of my alts. Requiring alts to have the cloak just to be able to purchase essences for the necklace, makes this really a non starter for some of my alts.

I have already obtain the cloak on my main and my hunter, both of which I tend to use on just about any event available including raids and dungeons. But I have other alts that I just do some dungeon runs on or Island Expeditions with guildies and can’t get some of the essences I would like to have because of this cloak restriction.

Hotfixes for March 31, 2020

Dungeons and Raids

  • Ashvane Warden
    • The ground visual for Lockdown should remain visible when Projected Textures is disabled in the System Settings menu.
  • Ashvane Warden
    • The ground visual for Lockdown should remain visible when Projected Textures is disabled in the System Settings menu.

Items and Rewards

  • Legion Raids and Dungeons
    • [With regional restarts] Legacy loot rules are now in place for Legion raids and dungeons.
      • Developers’ note: Standard encounters drop an amount of loot scaled by the amount of players in the raid, which results in fewer pieces for players who defeated encounters in small groups or as a solo player. In Legacy loot rules, raid and dungeon encounters will drop a fixed quantity of class-agnostic loot, regardless of the group size.

I am not seeing here that you also phased 120’s from completing the cooking achievement in Halfhill. Now when you leave Halfhill you just get Valley of the Four winds which stops 120’s from completing the cooking quests.

Faster cloak empowerment and the increase in the droprate of Echoes of Ny’alotha are now live in this region.

I don’t have the option to buy vessels from mother, when will that be live?

any news on mythic+ drop rates for echoes? they didn’t seem to see the x5 buff