Hotfixes - Updated October 5

I have done this skip now three times, and got my mount, but never previously beat her on Mythic.

This may be due to having beaten 8/9M, but it’s certainly not limited to just those who have beaten her on mythic. And even if it was how could you stop someone else who does not have the mythic kill from simply joining their raid?


So like dps can manage their resources to? I have high haste make my spells cost less mana…

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Blizzard, stop ignoring the post with over 4k views on the issue about time gating the corruption resistance on your cloak due to Malefic Cores needed. It is affecting the biggest portion of your paid subscribers and is only getting worse.

Link here: Blizzard! Your Malefic Core Catch up Mechanic is Becoming a Growing Concern For Every Further Week!

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Finally can finish Uuna and get on with getting Baal. Cool. Groovy. Copacetic. 23 Skidooo.

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Here are the new hotfixes for the day.


  • Warlock
    • Demonology
      • The mana cost of Shadow Bolt has been reduced by 25%.
      • The mana cost of Demonbolt has been reduced by 25%.
        • Developers’ note: Demonology Warlocks are running out of mana in prolonged fights when using high levels of Haste so we’re reducing the mana costs of their most frequent rotational spells.

Items and Rewards

  • Corrupted Items
    • [With regional restarts] Players with a Corruption level of 200 or higher will now receive an additional negative effect, Inescapable Consequences, which deals 25% of your maximum health in damage every second while you are in combat.
      • Developers’ note: While Corruption’s damage taken and healing received debuffs are substantial at high Corruption amounts, players possessed of particular ingenuity have constructed strategies allowing them to deal nearly infinite damage during brief windows when they themselves are immune to damage. It’s important to us that players feel like they can play around with how much Corruption they can afford to wear, but we’re setting a hard limit at 200 Corruption – going beyond that, N’Zoth’s dark power will defeat you.

How about a hotfix to where items you get from regular world quests in Zandalar, and Kul Tiras do not corrupt for characters that have not done any of the 8.3 content? I mean getting corrupted stuff is fine for the folks who are enjoying the corruption system gimmick, but there are plenty of other folks who are not enjoying 8.3 or corruption also. You know, like, if you have not done the opening quest to go to Uldum, or the Vale leave the stuff you get from Zandalar, and Kul Tiras alone. Been threads on that made in this forum about it several times since this patch.


Agreed, or even just use the completion of the Quest introducing Wrathion talking to Anduin as the trigger should be sufficient.


How about a Hotfix where you nerf Destro in PvP?


Exactly. I have several characters that have not even talked to what’s her name in Daz alor that sends you to Uldum, and I keep getting corrupted rubbish drops. Especially sucks when a weapon emmisary is up, and you do the wq’s just to have the weapon corrupt to like 50, and can’t use it without it attacking you(just becomes vendor trash) unless you do the mop cloak rehash, and their horrible visions gimmick lol.

Can y’all give an explanation why you are allowing locks to blast on 24 cylinders with no resource loss? Like I get mana is a vestigial meme that is only there for aesthetics and tradition for all specs besides arcane and healers. But maybe just maybe consider that the reason why locks are running out of mana is because they just do too much damage? And that running out of mana was a counter to relative-resource free gameplay (no doubt some 12/12M 5k io 3k 3s lock will get upset with this, I could give no bothers).

Just annoying how locks have been allowed to scale so hard at end of expansion for the past few (locks being the reason why y’all removed snapshotting with WoD, afflocks being healer/tank/dps monsters in antorus, destro/demo right now for arena/raid). Like give some much needed attention to other classes during this time. Don’t wait until 9.0.

dude… common already. -.-’

Dude please stop crying before someone posts the videos of +Mastery Rets 2-shotting people in PvP.

Warlocks are fine. L2Play.

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But Ret Pallies AoEing down entire groups of players in 2 GCDs is ok…

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Blame that on corruptions, it’s not just ret Paladins that can do this.

12.7% representation for destro, and has been steadily rising for months now.

There is a reason why dude.

imagine thinking ret is a “problem” on bfa.

clearly you don’t play ret or this is bait. :man_facepalming:

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LOL FUN DETECTED, probably due to the pally with 27 stacks of infinite stars.

You can pvp with masterful build but it’s not ideal if you want to do any meaningful rating, which is why they nerfed vers. As far as I’m concerned who cares about rbgs or queued bgs, all that stuff is meant to be casual anyway, the reward you get isn’t even worth doing either, it’s just to experience the content like lfr.

Mmmmmm…pally tears. Breakfast of champions