Hotfixes -- Updated November 20

I was thinking that they could add a 5 or 10 minute CD on mining/herbalism. That would really reduce botting. Possiby add training for 30,000G (which is what it’s cost me on each character to get this working again) to reduce the CD a bit.

I’m super irritated by this change. I’ve already dropped 90,000G to level engineering in a 10 year old expansions just to get this Toy working again.


Be honest.

How was this something that needed changing? lol

It’s part of the make-engineers-angry-now (or the MEAN) campaign. They need to revert the loot-a-rang changes too.


Directly related to this, I found out tonight that the Evolved Twilight Zealot in Blackrock Caverns is hitting for 150% damage as well. It hit both the tank and me for 150% of our lives.

Arena Countdown Timer Still Messed up!

Here are the hotfixes from today.

October 26, 2020


  • Shaman
    • Enhancement
      • Primal Primer (Azerite Trait) now correctly activates when Flametongue Weapon is applied to your weapon.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Experience granted to players in dungeons is now standardized, and does not change with the size of the player’s party.
    • Developers’ notes: This standardized experience value is equal to what the leveling player would have previously earned in a 5-person party. Dungeon experience was tuned around the expectation of full parties, and we saw that taplist loopholes in combination with pre-patch changes to dungeon scaling revealed some extreme leveling tactics by fewer than 5 players. We want dungeons to remain lucrative, and to be a valid alternative to questing and other experience sources, rather than to overshadow them.


  • Anduin Wrynn should now be present in the throne room to turn in quests for players who are still on the Darkshore introduction storyline.
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Not mentioned here but seems to be resolved:

  • Guild application functions on servers that were previously merged with others seem to be restored.

Just a quick question for clarification on the dungeon exp change. If we’re used to just hitting the lfg queue we’re not going to see a difference right?

Nope, the change is for people that were being ‘towed’ through dungeons as ‘trivial’ is still coded as level-20 so a level 50 could tow people through legion or WoD dungeons for mass xp grind without issue

The guy even looks kinda like ion


I’ve seen some interesting things whilst mining elementium for my mechagnomians loot a rang. I seen what looked like a single druid that fanned out briefly and my chat window showed 10 taps on the ore I was tapping all in less than a second.

I’ve seen ores where 3 nodes were showing and as I near it they all despawn simultaneously, not as if they were tapped and then despawn, I am almost certain that they are using a sharding method to throttle your ability to gather only a certain amount.

No wonder the hackers and cheats have taken over, it is horrible to gather these days and I did 100’s of hours of it.

I can say this is not true. I can pick, literally, hundreds of flowers an hour. That said, in areas with heavy phasing, you can see the original phase as having the ore/herb, but when you get closer, you swap to your current phase, which does not.

It has been a massive irritation since Cata came out.


Why would you limit it to 2 instances. You give low level characters access to the zone but not the content.

This applies to all legacy raids as well along with any dungeons that you need to fly to such as botanica.

Honestly it’s a terrible aura. Make it work with consecration so that it gives holy power because as of right now both of those skills are useless for ret

Blizz You guys do know how to read a DPS meter correct? Boomkins and caster doing 8k DPS and we now have 20k Health. Is it you dont understand game balance or you dont care?

What´s wrong on your End? Quests are not working as they are intented too, you have 25.000 of employees and didn´t get rid of some issues?

Where did the refund site go?

I suppose it´s better to restore 8.3.7 realm database and rethink shadowlands completly.

Nice except they screw other things in the game doing it… wq’s while doing them would disappear… log out one toon onto another and get its count down from leaving a starting bgs without heals… lmao.

there is a lost mail bug u cant turn it in

Demon hunters get disconnected when initiating a pet battle. Everyone I know with a demon hunter is experiencing this issue

I wondered about that it happened to me today farming charms.