Hotfixes -- Updated November 20

Back peddling animations on character players is all funky

Can we get a answer if this was intended or is it a bad bug?

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Why do t you fix the attonement healing for leveling disc players. Attonement transfer is 50% but it is ticking for 1 point of health or 7 which is insanely low. Fix it

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Ok, except for those of us who finished the quest “To the Dreamgrove” without getting it, and continued leveling… we don’t have it. I’m now level 27, and not only do I not have it, but it’s not even showing up as a spell I can learn.


The Flash of Brilliance 4-piece Heirloom set bonus will no longer hit enemies that you are not engaged in combat with, except for players of the opposite faction when War Mode is enabled. They probably deserved it.

Hey you forgot to include this patch note:
Barrage: while in a party or raid, barrage will only hit enemies you are already in combat with

a man can dream…

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You grant BFA access to level 10’s, but you don’t get the quest for the hearth of Azeroth until 50? Makes no sense.

Heya everyone!

I’ve updated the original post with all of today’s hotfixes. :slight_smile:

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How about fixing the scaling with island expeditions and legion mythics?

Why are you guys not increasing PvP gear vendor ilvl? I really would like to know your reasoning please?


How about looking into the Legion invasion scenario. It looks like it gets stuck when people engage the demons or the right instead of heading up to the ridge with Sylvanas in the final phase.

I went in there a couple days ago, and waited until I was the last person (30 minutes) before giving up.

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I’m loving all these little bits of humor mixed in. Keep them coming!!

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I know everyone at Blizzard is doing their best to get the bugs out of the game. I have a serious problem, I can only play my characters on Aggramar. My other characters can’t go through portals or click on tasks or do anything. So, all my characters on Area 52, Proudmoore, Hyjal, are useless to me. I hope this is fixed shortly. I miss playing my other characters and find it odd that I can only play on certain servers. Any one else suffering from this affliction? I have faith in you Blizzard to come through for me!!

Undead pets and cloud serpents tameable tomorrow (fingers and toes crossed).
Willing to wait +2months for SL release if UD Hunters get this - just saying… TIA Kaivax.

Do you have AtlasLoot installed/enabled? It’s causing major clicking and movement issues. Disable it if you do. If not, go through any addons you might have. A lot are still broken. I know that’s a generic response, but it has helped others in this case.

Undead pets are already tameable if you are an Undead hunter, aren’t they? I’ve seen people with cloud serpent pets, so I’m pretty sure you can tame them already… you just need to buy the recipe from Pandaria.

Still no fix for the Mage issue with Frost’s Water Elemental???

When you hit level 29 it says in the Dialogue Box that your pet has learned the ability “Freeze”. However, that ability is nowhere to be found. Not on the action bar, nowhere in the Spell Book, nothing.


When you hit level 32…VOILA!!! The ability suddenly appears in your pet’s Action Bar! Miracle of miracles!!! much sarcasm there

This bug has been reported In Game on both the PTR and the Beta servers.

Imagine. Instead of having this HEADACHE of a game that absolutely sucks @$$… Why didnt you guys just reload the burning crusade client… people would actually be happy.

you are are making a game for toddlers now, where no1 has to think and its stupid easy… and all because you wanna make the most possible money, instead of actually listening to what the players have to say. :frowning: sad day for blizzard… 16 years and only 2 good xpacs… TBC and Wrath… please learn blizzard… theres a reason you guys had 15 mill subs back then…

no1 wants to play this garbo game anymore. you guys cant even balance anything… Monks are Horrible… every spec… literally



  • Windwalker
    • Resolved an issue that caused Whirling Dragon Punch (Talent) to deal more damage than intended.

ya… Nerf monk. Already the Crappiest PVE class… I know you guys dont focus on pvp. so why nerf this?


Make the title Lord/Lady of War account wide please and thank you.

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this. even the demon hunters can see blizzard went too far…

What about the issue that many leveling disc priests are having with atonement healing not scaling properly and having their heals only heal for 1-2 points?

Except many of us are having fun and do not want anything like the tedium of classic. Its not hard just tedious. I do agree that it is getting stupid easy though. We do not need Dora the Explorer mode.