Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

So Warlock still going to suck in Arena and mythics. Useless changes yet again. Rip Warlock.

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Lmfao they nerfed protection warrior… WoW.

Want to know why you lost 40% subs?

Because your balance team is incompetent and nerfs middle of the pack people

while Balance, Fire, and Shadow Priest top every fight and are untouched

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balance and fire are nerfed. I play mage so I know. first, nerf on the legendary barriers. second, nerf on the pyrokinesis talent. and balance got nerfed on covenant burst. definitely not like what you said. “untouched”

other than that I guess they can nerf more dmg or mobility and leave the class unplayable. not sure what you are playing but try to play better. your comment has no value.

Pls. Fix psalm painbreaker. there is patchnote string about death and madness talent. But its a lie. there is no fix

My stealth seems to have broken during this patch, I haven’t had an issue of dropping stealth randomly. but since 9.0.5 I will randomly drop stealth, only in bg’s though, never in the world. really frustrating. makes it almost impossible to rbg

Bears need help!
Please fix our threat and DPS please!