Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

Druids who were levelled to the point of picking up “Teleport: Moonglade” before “Teleport: Dreamgrove” was fixed in the game have no way of ever getting “Teleport: Dreamgrove” still.

So you took the effort to fix a bugged torghast anima power…but not our bugged talents?

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Trade channel in Elysian Hold and Heart of the Forest when? I mean, Seat of the Primus and Sinfall already have it.


What a list. No one really seemS to give much props for all this stuff, so thanks for all the miserable Blizzard employees grinding to get launch bugs fixed.

On a side note people are still reporting that the quezt “The Final Atonement: Your Absolution” is still unavailable and not fixed. this it the optional questlinw in Revendreth part of Sojourner of Revendreth Achievement

Tests confirmed that this is false.


Hello everyone. The note for Soul Ash has been updated:

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Any Soul Ash that was not looted from defeated enemies will now be sent directly to your character’s currency collection the next time you log back into the game.

And I’ve let the team know about the quest “Halls of Atonement: Your Absolution”. Thanks! :smiley_cat:


But, why my char only got 690 soul ash after I completed both sides of layer 3 in Torghas, and the quest from questline which gave me 200 soul ash. I still don’t got mail for the soul ash I missed. This means this hotfix not working for the ppl who having problem before the hotfix?

sounds like you right, you should have 810 souil ash at the end of this week if you have completed the quest and did 3 layers of both wings.

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Still unable to locate Elder Gwenna, after completing the entire quest line.

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There is a bug in the War Campaign quest “They Move Against Us” and all subsequent quests that occur in Orgrimmar. Having the quest “Shadowlands: A Chilling Summons” triggers phasing such that it won’t allow you to complete the quests. Abandoning the Shadowlands quest fixes the phasing, but the quest automatically re-appears after ~20 seconds, making it exceedingly difficult to finish the quests, especially the one “Traitors in Our Midst” where you have to kill Eitrigg. Not being able to complete this final storyline will prevent you from attaining the title “Veteran of the Fourth War.”

Apparently still not fixed or whatever fix was implemented is not working. Can’t solo most Legion raids. Update?


Wrong. Still not fixed

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they made an update post yesterday saying they let the team know that it still isnt working. Just above actually, from a community manager.

Hotfix update for the day!

NOVEMBER 30, 2020


  • Opening Misplaced Supplies should now count progress towards the achievement Treasures of Maldraxxus . Players may need to collect it a second time to earn credit.
  • The Elusive Faerie Cache required for Treasures of Ardenweald is now less elusive.


  • Hunter
    • Beast Mastery
      • Wild Spirits (Night Fae Ability) will no longer deal damage multiple times when using Bestial Wrath with Animal Companion (Talent) or when using Barbed Shot with Stomp (Talent).
    • Marksmanship
      • Corrected an issue where Shadowcore Oil Blast would incorrectly interfere with Steady Focus (Talent) when casting two Steady Shots in a row.
      • Corrected an issue where Bursting Shot was causing Wild Spirits (Night Fae Ability) to unintentionally deal multiple hits to the enemy.
  • Death Knight
    • General
      • Resolved several issues with Death Knight voice effects. Go forth and intimidate your enemies with a clearer /roar!
  • Priest
    • General
      • Phantasmic Detonation will now properly explode when the Volatile Phantasm (Torghast Power) illusion is defeated.
  • Shaman
    • Restoration
      • [ Work in progress ] The Primal Tide Core Legendary effect will now only apply Riptide to friendly players.


  • Added two Battle Ready Tauralus outside the Seat of the Primus for faster travel through the covenant hall.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Nikara Blackheart at Sophia’s Aria in Bastion now deals appropriate damage and is now less challenging.
  • Wingsmash is now ready to help fight Harika the Horrid in Revendreth no matter how many players give him weapons at the same time. Additionally, the Ballista Bolts respawn more frequently, and Sacks of Dredhaven Tools will no longer spawn as they are obsolete. Wingsmash will also no longer get stuck at the broken ballista and now resets properly.

Dungeons and Raids

  • De Other Side
    • Mueh’zala
      • Added a power bar to Mueh’zala so that he may better convey when his next Soulcrusher is coming.
  • Necrotic Wake
    • Dungeon enemies can no longer immediately recast Spine Crush.
  • Plaguefall
    • Infinitely Divisible Ooze now correctly drops for Agility and Intellect classes.
  • Spires of Ascension
    • The transport kyrian will now carry druids in their combat shapeshift forms.

Items and Rewards

  • Reduced the idle sound effect volume of the Warstitched Darkhound mount.
  • The Hearty Dragon Plume toy now has a 15 minute cooldown (was 5 minutes).
  • Players are now able to watch other’s strum their Fae Harp toy. Enjoy the show!
  • Fixed an issue that caused characters to remain laughing after using the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera MkII.
  • Deep Fried Seraph Tenders now only work outdoors and not in dungeons or battlegrounds. Tooltips will be updated to reflect this in a future patch.
  • Pre-Mixed Pot of Noodles now grants an appropriate amount of Versatility for Pandaren characters at level 60.

Player versus Player

  • Oribos PvP quests, such as “Observing Battle,” should now show a turn-in location once completed.
  • Hunter
    • Hunter’s Mark now lasts 30 seconds instead of indefinitely when used against an enemy player.


  • [ With regional restarts ] Resolved an issue where experience gained from crafting a Legendary item would sometimes not retain after relogging into the game.
  • Budding Lashers now reward Herbalists loot after gathering their corpses.


  • Covenant Campaign
    • Fixed an issue where players below level 50 who entered into the Threads of Fate experience would have issues accessing quests in the Shadowlands.
    • Fixed an issue where Anima Salvage Callings could not be abandoned or completed after changing covenants.
  • Bastion
    • Fixed an issue where opening Silver Strongboxes would sometimes not reward credit for “The Sweetest Tribute” quest.
    • “A Friendly Rivalry” can now be turned in while the “Training Regimen” World Quest is available.
    • Fixed an issue where the quest, “Hero’s Rest” could not be turned into the ever-present version of Kalisthene.
    • Fixed an issue where the Chamber Incense Burner could be not be interacted with during the quest “You Go First.”
  • Maldraxxus
    • Mounts are no longer allowed on the island that holds the Unfinished Blade for “Through the Fire and Flames.”
    • Players on the quest “Return to Draka” will now find her at the Seat of the Primus.
    • More enemies now have a chance to drop Poxedskin Samples required for the dungeon quest “Plaguefall: Knee Deep In It.”
    • Increased the Traitor’s Head drop rate required for “Bring Me Their Heads.”
    • The Animates required to recruit for the quest “Ani-Matter Animator” has been lowered to 12 (was 15) and the respawn rate has been increased.
    • Increased the respawn rate of the Ash Ghouls required for “Unbearable Light.”
    • Enemi should now offer the quests “Slaughter Daughter” and "Bottled up Inside’ for players who have lost them.
  • Ardenweald
    • Fixed a bug that caused quest objectives to sometimes be invisible on “Cut the Roots” and “Take the Power”.
  • Revendreth
    • Stonehead is hungry! “Snacks for Stonehead” should now correctly be available to all players in the Ember Ward.
    • “Halls of Atonement: Your Absolution” should now be correctly offered to all Venthyr covenant players by Archivist Fane in Halls of Atonement.
  • The Maw
    • Prince Renathal now stealths when the player enters stealth during the storyline quest, “Torghast, Tower of the Damned”.
    • Added more souls to rescue within Cocyrus for the quest “Rule 1: Have an Escape Plan.” We’re not proud about damning more souls into the Maw… but it should help make completing the quest easier.
  • Exile’s Reach
    • Fixed an issue where players on Exile’s Reach who completed either “Down with the Quilboar” or “Forbidden Quilboar Necromancy” without accepting the other quest would be unable to see Mithdran Dawntracker to continue the story.


  • Run Without Tiring (Niya Soulbind Ability) no longer continues to heal when health is full.

The Maw: Eye of the Jailer

  • Saving Souls with the Soulkeeper present no longer grants Stygia after reaching Threat Level 5.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Soulkeeper to unexpectedly be present with your character in the Maw when Anima Salvage was an active calling. It will once again only be present when you are tasked with collecting souls.

World Quests

  • Fixed an issue with world quest “Allay Their Fears” not appearing.
  • Fixed an issue where Korinna’s Allaying Crook could be used on living targets during the Bastion World Quest “Allay Their Fears.”
  • Fixed an issue where it was more challenging than intended to maintain a Precision streak during the Bastion World Quest “We’ll Make an Aspirant Out of You.”
  • Fixed an issue where “Battles Won Long Ago” could erroneously be repeated.
  • Battle Pet World Quests should now properly count for Callings that require you to complete activities in a zone.
  • Increased the respawn rate of the Crates of Salvaged Explosions for the Maldraxxus World Quest “Gettin’ Even.”

did they forgot to buff warlocks??? god know that we need help blizzard with damage in dungeons and pvp, lets just hope that for raiding this isnt the case also.

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Hello this is still occurring in game, barbed with stomp talented causes 2 wild spirits hits

I’m going to assume you’re trolling.

A change that wasn’t listed here, Runeblade of Baron Rivendare - “requires level 49 or lower” There’s zero reason it should be this way now. ZERO! I’m so upset anyone thought this item needed any change what so ever, this is just unwarrented attrition on convenience and fun.


And fixing the scaling in old raids? Nothing for that.

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when are we getting flight ?