Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

I am not proud of this, but it took us 27 attempts to take her down, and the next day they nerf her health and damage by 10%… ouch.

In about 34 minutes

So, nothing for Prot Warriors? i think it’s time to unsub

Still waiting on you to fix old content scaling!!!


Kind of a slap in the face for mages. 2/7 of the lowest DPS specs are mages and all other 5 specs get a buff.


Fix Painbreaker Psalm plz: Priest: Death and Madness / Painbreaker Psalm


Please buff Deathknight’s Frost spec it is still weaker than unholy in both pvp and pve.

Abomination limb for Necrolords should not grip targets that are under crowd control effects please.

The legendary power Rage of the Frozen Champion needs a slight buff – Howling blast generates 16 runic power while rime is active up from 8 Please.

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Havoc demon hunter is so bad right now, a 5% increase won’t fix it. Did guild mythics today and was beaten by a destro lock that was 17 ilvls lower… that should not happen! All around damage and survivability is a joke.


Yeah ok just nerf unholy’s best stat after everyone just put it on their legendary the day mythic raids open. Idiots.

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@Linxy nerfing warrior pvp mortal strike is bs. If the reason is the legendary that does two random mortal strikes, then nerf the legendary. Don’t make everyone else that uses legendarys like leaper suffer the consequences.

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5% buff for assasination rogue is not enough - even a 20% buff wouldn’t get Sin to middle of pack range

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LOL if you think those are buffs for unholy… oh boy xD

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As a main assassination rogue there’s a serious damage problem. 3 things that need serious assessment. 1rst my auto attack damage shouldn’t be the source of my highest damage. For majority of specs it falls 3rd to 4th. For some reason as a mellee with a class that scales from dots it is doing 17 to 18% of my dmg. 2ndly when the lvl squish occurred you overkilled mastery for rogues as assassination. Beyond overkill you gutted it. Should be 10 to 15% as base higher. Thirdly and lastly bake slice and dice into the spec of activating once and let be refreshed via a trait like cut to the chase where envenom would renew the duration. They shouldnt
have to offset having to keep over tweeking the spec with just these changes. Those 3 things alone should buff the spec significantly enough to be competitive. This also is something worth considering. The only other suggestion is to properly gage covenant abilities as atm im a necrolord and serrated spike is also too weak hitting like a worn frail noodle.

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We are sitting completely half-finished if not completely broken right now.

happy warlock noises Ooooo Torghast is gonna be spicy

Why are you nerfing marksman base kit instead of addressing the problem of wild spirits double procing off serpent stalkers trickery, when you already fixed similar interactions, all you did was screw over the few marksman who went kyrian and the nf hunters dont even care about this nerf as they are just happy you havnt fixed this broken interaction yet.

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Really? Thanks for nerfing the one fun ability Warrior had (Scratched Knife.) I only got it one time in 12 runs and after purchasing upgrades from Ven’ari, so it’s not like everyone was using it on the boss.

There goes kyrian hunter. Literally no reason to not be Nightfae. Shooting through the walls for 4 seconds is not worth it. and no one in higher ratings stands in a circle. Nightfae is literally the overall best covenant now. Thanks blizzard, thanks for ruining the not BIS covenant

Buffing Torghast mob health and damage and nerfing a bunch of powers… Really? Come on. I’m already getting drained by Torghast, it simply takes too long. The gameplay is really fun but it’s just too tedious due to the length, especially doing it on multiple alts. After I’ve done 2-3 floors I feel like I’ve had my fill and want to fight the boss. It already should be like half the floors, with twice the rate of powers to compensate. That would be perfect. 20 minutes max, not 45+ minutes max…

Instead they’re making it longer, especially for healers. Ugh. There’s twisting corridors coming up for people who want the most challenge and to spend more time in Torghast, why make the mandatory (if you want leggos) Torghast harder and more time consuming?



Say goodbye to everyone who solos.