Hotfixes - January 7 2019

No fixes to resto shammy or MW monk yet? Still ok with them so far behind this tier?

The 8.3 fixes are not actual fixes, they are gimmick changes that will simply not work for 95% of the players that main these specs.

I agree that participation will go down. A lot of us have done everything there and do not feel the need to hang out there. Grew out of Benthics super fast, don’t need the pearls/quests etc… The only reason to even go there anymore was for the battle, which now randomised, won’t be a thing for many. Its sad because it was fun. However I don’t have the time or patience to wait for it.

Now how about the 10/23 hotfixes?

OP updated.

For the Anniversary event In AV–Korrak’s Revenge–you can turn in the factions quest that reward 10 Timewalking badges on both factions with Mercenary Mode. Is this working as intended or is it an oversight?


Update updated

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How about some hotfixes to that “epic” preorder? Certain abilities in every spec in the game remove the weapon illusion, and I just found out yesterday that the transmog does not show up in the armory.

I know, someone will say "put it in the bug report forum. There is one, that has been up since the day the preorder went live. It is constantly bumped, and still no response, or acknowledgment that the problem exists.

Oh neat, nice to hear the fixes!

Oh and as for the Jenafur pet, forgot about that, any news on it? Wasn’t it like… added a whole year ago in 2019? :stuck_out_tongue: , anyone found it yet?