Hotfixes - January 7 2019

Any update on Warlock’s Felhunter cooldown bug??

Shown here:

25N/H version of firelands doesn’t exist anymore, neither does 10N/H. Patch 8.2.5, released last week, turned firelands into a scaling raid (not just for timewalking) similar to all the raids released since Siege of Orgrimmar. There is a normal version that operates as the old 10N/25N and a heroic version that serves as the old 25N/H. When doing the dungeon with a character that satisfies the legacy loot rules you will then receive loot as if 20 people were in the raid (since the raid is a scaling raid 10-30 people, 20 people is the average).

Here is the source for that last piece of info:

What this means is that even though you were able to get 25 people’s worth of loot before you can now only get 20. The 10 man versions of the raid (as I can remember) had the same items as the 25 man it’s just that you would get less loot since it is a smaller size. You can however now run normal and heroic versions of the raid, when before you couldn’t.


Heres one i would like to see

The Honeyback harvester is now NOT restricted to one faction !

one can only hope ya?


Im curious does Blizzard find it funny or looks at all at how it can look when you name things you don’t like as bugs. The fact that you name this merc bg thing a bug just because you dont like how people were getting honor does not mean its a bug. Restricting ways people can achieve the honor that is needed for some bad achievement, that is just forced playtime to rank up a terrible essence system. It is not a bug its just you guys restricting things you dont like that were emergent. You have done this a lot this xpac, and you wonder why people view BFA so terribly.


Fix Arcane Linguist Passive Ability for Mages, not being able to speak other Horde languages destroys my ability to RP and essentially makes my RP mage useless. Plenty of RP players speak only in there native language and My mage was a translator for parties and guilds.

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Any updates on the Vicious Saddle bug?

Updated the OP with the latest.

I don’t understand the changes for the Battle for Nazjatar? While the random start time means less preparation for people to camp, it also means for people not in the zone all day long that they’re going to have to guess at the time. Which means less participation. I enjoy the BfN and I think that instead of random start times, perhaps a zone of inelgibility could have been created around the major conflict points. if you’re at one of the capture points or close to it, you don’t get credit or contribute to the kill counts. Something other than making it hard for people to know when to be in Nazjatar for the event.


The changes to Battle for Nazjatar just killed it for me. I don’t spend any time there nowadays unless it’s the emissary or I’m doing the intro quest chain on alts. With how few battles spawn as it is, this will further reduce the event occurring. I hope no one needs any of the toys or mounts still, especially horde.

The justification for this change is not true at all as those of us who thought of camping control points ahead of time found that the event would bug out and neither the battle or the commanders would spawn on that shard, and anyone on that shard would get the participation debuff. We alliance players who participated in RUIN cross realm groups quickly got the message out and no one in the raid groups would leave Mezz till the battle started.

I’ll still be able to hit conquest cap as alliance through war mode, it just might take me longer to do so now. This change was not needed, and for working adults with very few leisure time has left me disappointed.


What will happen when the expansion is over?

It’s a terrible change

Change too

  • Gurubashi Arena
  • Darkmoon faire
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No fixes to resto shammy or MW monk yet? Still ok with them so far behind this tier?

The 8.3 fixes are not actual fixes, they are gimmick changes that will simply not work for 95% of the players that main these specs.

I agree that participation will go down. A lot of us have done everything there and do not feel the need to hang out there. Grew out of Benthics super fast, don’t need the pearls/quests etc… The only reason to even go there anymore was for the battle, which now randomised, won’t be a thing for many. Its sad because it was fun. However I don’t have the time or patience to wait for it.

Now how about the 10/23 hotfixes?

OP updated.

For the Anniversary event In AV–Korrak’s Revenge–you can turn in the factions quest that reward 10 Timewalking badges on both factions with Mercenary Mode. Is this working as intended or is it an oversight?


Update updated

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How about some hotfixes to that “epic” preorder? Certain abilities in every spec in the game remove the weapon illusion, and I just found out yesterday that the transmog does not show up in the armory.

I know, someone will say "put it in the bug report forum. There is one, that has been up since the day the preorder went live. It is constantly bumped, and still no response, or acknowledgment that the problem exists.

Oh neat, nice to hear the fixes!

Oh and as for the Jenafur pet, forgot about that, any news on it? Wasn’t it like… added a whole year ago in 2019? :stuck_out_tongue: , anyone found it yet?