Hotfixes for Creatures in Island Expeditions

The real fix would be to make them fun enough to bother doing without increased rewards.


as i have said before i had enough doubloons to buy the albatross and seahorse on day 1 i am only 200 from buying the last items on the vendor also i am 2 pets away from that goal.
i have yet to see a mount drop at all period no matter what difficulty i do them on .
this needs some adjustment as it is silly.


Yeah drop rates of rewards like dubloons will come under “play more, spend more money”


Not sure but lately i been getting rewarded like 95% of the time all i been getting is non stop items and pets feels pretty rewarding to me.I want mounts but the drop rate feels rather high to me now.

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These hotfixes are already done and I wanted to make sure people were aware of changes that have happened as we have seen complaints about not being notified when things occur.

We are still going over things so more changes could happen. One thing to note is that we saw the feedback about the rewards but we have seen a number of people continue to run Island Expeditions on normal difficulty, which means fewer rewards than heroic or mythic, so we have to sort through things to get to the bottom of it.


What difficulty do you usually run?

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Normal islands.

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Can you tell us the reward structure between the difficulties? Like what are the mount drop chances on Norm, Heroic and Mythic?


To be fair a minor tweak is not much when people are complaining about a bunch of issues with IEs.

I have to admit, at their very core island expeditions are not fun. Sure bringing friends makes it more fun but doing fun things with friends is better.

As for the rewards? They are pretty much non-existent. From my experience the mounts have a drop rate about as low as a mount from a world boss. I should know, I have 3 world boss mounts and 3 mounts from island expeditions.

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I have gotten alot of green items and some weapon blues and alot of pets not sure how it’s not rewarding.

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Great changes for sure. One thing I’d like to see since we are on the topic of rewards is just some consistency to doubloons.

I noticed a hotfix saying you can get them on the ground again, I assume that was bugged?

Either way, a conservative fix in my eyes would make it so you always get at least 1 doubloon every island.
Maybe that should be only on Mythic or heroic, I’m not sure as I know nothing about the differences in rewards between the two.

But I think the times when you run an island and you get nothing at all feels very odd.
Some times I get 3-4 things, and other times not even a single dabloon.

That’s what I’d say is problematic with rewards.
The mounts seem too rare, but they are supposed to be, right?

But getting at least 1 doubloon every island, seems like a good step 1 here.

But maybe I’m underestimating the frequency of your ability to loot them during the island itself now?
Honestly I’ve never noticed one on the ground or anywhere else, but I’ve talked to others who have. Anyone here have any insight on that?


Of all the Island Expeditions feedback I’ve seen posted on the forums, this was not one of them.

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so did you ignore the part that you OVERNERFED the loot?

are you kidding us again? what do you exactly want from players? we give you feedback and you pick what to nerf or fix without asking us…


I mostly run heroic, because it offers automatic queue. Would run mythic if there was solo queue too.

I’ve run mythics with friends a few times and it felt like it has even lower loot drop chances than heroic…


I had been running on heroic, but switched back to normal due to the ridiculous buffs on the mobs in 8.1. With these changes, maybe heroic will once again feel like fun rather than like beating my face into the wall.

However, even on normal I think the doubloon drop rate needs to be majorly buffed, even if you keep the drop rates for pets and mounts balanced for higher difficulties. AP is simply not a reward for most players who aren’t doing high-end content (and I’m willing to wager the players running high mythic+ keys and mythic raiding, and who therefore need higher Heart unlocks, are not really your target audience for Island Expeditions), and will be even less rewarding when we’re no longer dependent on Heart levels to unlock our azerite armor. Getting AP is no reward at all; every island, no matter the difficulty, should be rewarding at least a few doubloons.


Whoa whoa, slow down. Let them get out of beta first.


heroics… I do HEROICS, because I believe when you said “higher difficulties, more loot” but I can spend sprees with anything useful at all or NO LOOT at ALL but repair bills, this is frustrating… there’s 9 mounts over 300+ items and people is getting barely anything from them.

people that do normals do it for quick pull on the slot machine, more loot chances the quicker you finish


Damn it man.


Me: OMG Thank you so much GOD I can finally win.

Now our advantage is gone

You understand that normals are much easier and faster to complete for the weekly Azerite, yes?


Cool thanks for the changes, those mobs were frustrating for sure. I’m finding droprate issues for myself personally, I’ve done many in a row and got nothing after putting a lot of work into them on heroic, same pattern in mythic too. I think it might be my bad RNG but wanted to mention it anyway, because who knows.

OH ALSO! Sorry, I just wanted to mention one thing. I do the weekly map on alts sometimes, and getting azerite after my 4 heroic IEs to get my map is very much of a letdown. So is getting 5k gold of course, granted it’s a bit better. But I constantly get azerite, more than any other reward (thus far only gold and the azerite, azerite being way more common.)

Also, I find that holding an azerite extractor tends to be pointless sometimes, and you don’t get much azerite. Other times, you get tons. I usually skip it but it’s a gamble, and I’m no expert so have no idea. It might just again be a me thing.