Hotfixes Deployed to Season of Mastery PTR 7/1/2022


Wanted to pop in and let everyone know that we deployed a hotfix that will allow you to copy your Season of Mastery Characters from live realms onto the SoM PTR. Sincere apologies for not having this sooner for all of you.

Additionally, to facilitate more expedient and effective testing, the “Books of Deathstones” quest items that you would normally discover as drops in Naxxramas on Season of Mastery have also been added to the Cap’n Placeholder Vendor. These items start quests to allow you to use special powers and effects inside (and in some cases, outside…) Naxxramas! Feel free to grab these items and the related currencies from the vendor and play around with them in your Naxxramas testing adventures.

Big thanks to everyone who’s tested and provided feedback so far!

It would seem the “Skeletal steed” can be used outside of Naxx, I got teleported out and it allowed me to mount it while in Ironforge.

The copy character feature seems to have been disabled, is there a reason for this? could we get it back please

Fix The Character copy please your griefing my nax ptr experience