Hotfixes 4/23


The changes below will be going live this week.

DoT specs are often in the "normal" damage range for single-target fights and can be significantly above "normal" for multi-target fights. Please note that the goal here isn’t to just counter-tune specs in each bit of new content as we believe specs that work well in an encounter should continue to do so.

Regarding this specific Shadow Priest change, their multi-target performance was beyond our tuning targets and so we simply want to bring them back into range while minimizing the impact to their single-target performance.

  • Priest
    • Shadow

    • Auspicious Spirits damage reduced to 70% (was 100%).

Developers’ notes: The damage reduction to this talent is meant to curb the synergy of Insanity and Shadowy Apparition generation when combined with some Azerite traits, while still leaving it as a fun and interesting combo.

Player versus Player

  • Abyssal Speaker Gauntlets’s shield absorption effect is reduced by 66% when engaged in combat with enemy players.
  • Trident of Deep Oceans’s shield absorption effect is reduced by 50% when engaged in combat with enemy players.

Shadow Priests need a nerf
(Booze) #2

No DPS warrior buffs?


The only classes who even really use polearms (Hunters, Ferals) are so trash rn and this is the only thing that could potentially even make them viable, nerfed in a week. But every other trinket/class went weeks without hotfixes. Someone at blizzard mains dk/dh/ww. Those in charge with pvp changes are so out of touch with their game its just saddening at this point.

(Plytofski) #4

To Clarify, the AS nerf also means that the Spiteful Appartions trait also does less damage.


Despite all the feedback the warrior community has given, we are still left ignored with no class changes to address our lack of utility/arm’s abysmal damage output. Fury is still left capped with 5 targets for their aoe rotation too


I haven’t played a shadow priest since MoP and i’m baffled to why you nerf a multi dotting class that is performing well on a multi dotting boss encounters?

Simultaneously you completely missed sleeper classes that are legitimately better than Shadow Priests for this two boss raid. (edit) i’m gonna keep this little sentence here for when we all find out what the sleeper class i am refering to is exposed and exploited by the top end guilds and i do the big old "I Told You So"

And lastly you completely ghosted gutter tier classes like DPS DKs/Warriors that have legitimately no merit bringing them to the instance. Warriors lose to 80% of classes in execute phase DPS, which is pretty funny as a class with Execute.

Shadow probably needs a slight tune down in regard to multi-dot fights, however my main problem with it is that it’s the only thing blizzard has done. They open Warcraft Logs, saw shadow priest topping and mindlessly nerf and proceed to do nothing afterwards.

I give this patch a solid 2.34/10, you mindlessly clicked Warcraft Logs and saw shadow priests topping and did the typical ook nerf % on that class without actually thinking for a moment “Hey, why are they doing so well?”

you big dumb


The lack of changes being made to severely underperforming classes and specs in a raid that already significantly favours ranged DPS is honestly disgusting. It’s clear that the Blizzard class balance team are out of touch with the game-state that they have shaped.

Blizzard as a company has access to hundreds of top tier players that are intelligent enough to provide feedback and criticism, and would be greatly beneficial to health of the game itself. Yet Blizzard decides to release half-arsed efforts to ‘balance’ their game, without even understanding the effects that buffs or nerfs have in the grand scheme of things.

PvP and M+ balance are a travesty, and that is representative of historical lows in participation across the board; and the last competitive bastion that this game offers, is being ruined by a class balance team that evidently has very little idea of what to do, outside of loading up WarcraftLogs and nerfing the highest performing specialization.

Shamans from a class DESIGN standpoint have been in a horrendous state since the beginning of the expansion, and the only fix Blizzard made was a few numbers changes, despite promising an overhaul of the specs. There was an opportunity to fix class/spec participation across content by giving a range of classes raid buffs, but instead it went to Mages, Warriors, and Priests; while specs such as Feral, Enhance, Ret, WW, Survival, DK are left to the wayside.

There are numerous community figures and top tier players in both the realms of PvE and PvP who have offered their services in order to guide the game into a better place, and Blizzard still turns a blind eye. It’s one thing to ignore your community, it’s another to ignore the people who have invested so heavily into the game to learn and play it at the highest level.

Get it together. 8.2 is many months away, people are not willing to wait two major patches into an expansion for Blizzard to get itself sorted out.


wait that’s illegal

(Plytofski) #9

First, AS needed a nerf to allow for an competition in that tier row. AS scales with both crit and haste whereas SWD and Shadow Crash do not. By nerfing AS, it opens up SWD again as an option. Ideally they would figure out a way to let SC and SWD scale, but they didn’t.


Don’t believe so. They are nerfing the talent by 30%, but the shadowy apparitions base damage is the same. They mention nothing on the trait being nerfed, just the talent that increases the damage of the shadowy apparitions.


You say this as if shadow priests where the best class for this new raid, when they aren’t.

Why is it bad that a multi dotter does well at some multi dotting on a multi dotting fight? Trying to “balance” everything has led to this homogenisation, pruning and the removal of class identity which i value more than blizzards foolish attempt to try and balance classes.

(Priestialiti) #12

I to also love being nerf’d around a mid tier raid with 2 bosses that no one cares about you throw 7 targets out and oh no multidot classes zzzzzzzzz how do you guys have jobs?

(Làz) #14

wait… let me get this straight… they nerfed spriest… in a hot fix… but rogues are still gods until next patch? I am reading this wrong?


buff warlock

(Steelheart) #17

Just disable pve effects on pvp instanced environment. I mean, isn’t that hard…


How about we just disable all PvE effects in PvP? Why isn’t PvP gear better in PvP than PvE gear? Why are there still no vendors? Why is the strength of my opponent decided entirely by RNG drops???

(Failedwizard) #19

Arcane often starts at the very bottom then gradually works its way up to the middle of the pack each raid tier, this one is no different; could we see any changes to the spec that might combat this issue?

(Priestialiti) #20

Ok so - you nerf’d our hardest hitting spell by 30% - all around a 2 boss mid tier filler raid. This now effects M+ with nothing to compensate it for and BoD raid I ask again. Who hired the devs cause you actually don’t know anything.

(Priestialiti) #21

Actually just big dumb if you think anyone ever will take Shadow Crash or SWD in raid lol


Big dumb that you think that there won’t ever be a fight in the future where these will be an option. Thought you salty dudes wanted balanced talents.