Hotfix incoming for layers on non-Hardcore Classic Era realms

I would like to convince the dev team to start up annual scourge events on era realms pls thx

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Best news I’ve ever heard. Way to make things right! Best part of classic era is how active it feels.

Oh thankyou! It’s gonna be great going back to how it was!

Thank you so much ! It’s very important for the community

Thank god - much appreciated. Currently sitting at 10 layers on Whitemane lol

Nice to see the folk happy for once.

Anyone unable to click and open the STV arena chest? not like it’s a limited once-every-few-hours thing…

Layers on Classic were a good thing. You could actually farm stuff on whitemane and compete with bots.

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Fix please for dungeon reset not ported graveyard please blizz! Raid all good, dungeon ported ;(

Mixed feelings on this as some one who just rolled on era, and that is leveling multiple toons.

On the positive side, I was actually able to run my second character through Hillsbrad without getting relentlessly curb stomped by degen lvl 60s in full raid epics like my first toon did.

The negative side is that I think I saw only 3 total players the entire day in contested zones… It’s not just the 60s missing, it’s everyone else too.

Selfishly, I kind of wish we’d remained layered to hell for a good week or two, at least long enough to get my main and alts through all the major lvl 60 camping bottlenecks.

If anyone is looking to replicate this experience while levelling it’s still possible to do so on the other pvp cluster - low pop realms - and use the free character transfer that is still available to rejoin the crowd. Same vibe without affecting others to achieve it.

You don’t compete with the bots. Layering compounds the issue because now there are additional resources available for them to farm. You signed your soul away to the bots for nothing but momentary reprieve.

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Why isn’t the Whitemane cluster one layer? Lies.


There is still more than one layer on whitemane cluster


I can confirm still more than one layer on whitemane as well. 6 layers in fact!


lmao go play animal crossing… its pvp for a reason

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Fix whitemane… still 6 layers… no need for this ruining the game once again

yea! Blizz please back classic era please! no layers! no ported dungeon reseted! Blizzzz

This may be a timezone issue for some of you. Whitemane cluster is Pacific so we should have another hour or two before the realm restarts. I think it’s at 10 server.

it already reset

With the realm restarts two hours ago, all non-Hardcore Classic Era realms were returned to one layer.

Have a good Saturday!