Hot take: Warcraft is noncanon

Blizzard is gonna decanonize the game eventually or retcon major parts of it. so in the end it is non-canon.

Sylvanas has been dead since forever.

Change my mind.


I can’t dispute your logic.


All of Warcraft is just a DND campaign with a DM who keeps changing the universe as the campaign unfolds, being played by the cast of Overwatch. It’s the only explanation that makes sense.


I’m still mad that they made the entire Onyia fight non-canon, and just said Varian did it.


Now every time we do the fight we have to play the Lion King song “he lives in you” while thinking of Varian, it’s the law


I’m okay with it TBH, Onyxia wasn’t a very interesting fight. I don’t even think she was that interesting a villain but then again I hold a minority opinion that WoW dragons are insanely boring and I don’t care about any of them.

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You’ve missed the one major flaw with your prediction: that would be a GOOD idea, and Blizzard doesn’t have, or at the least doesn’t act on, Good Ideas.

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You’re noncanon.


I was thinking of posting that myself, but it is technically true.

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I’m just waiting for someone to write cannon instead of canon so I can say “Shots fired :sunglasses:

At least we kill her in Blackwing Descent

Also due to the comic, her “death” in game during Vanilla (original death) or Wrath (WoW 5th anniversary) never happened. She died late TBC.

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Alternate History where Nefarian quits being evil and gets a job as a decent, respectable accountant


Good. We can start over and have the NEs join the Horde this time. Like they always should have.


Nah. Got to make it believable. Everyone but the NEs joines together AGAINST the NEs.

<—always thought nelves made a lot more sense on the Horde than they did the Alliance. Plus having Kalimdor=Horde, and EK=Alliance would’ve been neat.



This means the Forsaken will join the humans. OK. A couple of opportunist races, whatever the word means.

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Yeah I sort of think that in an ideal world I would have Blood elves have a capital in Azshara as opposed to Silvermoon they join the horde etc etc and night elves dont have teldrassil but are “Neutral” post 3rd war Forsaken and night elves should have been neutral.

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Given how some of the the Orcs despoiled Night Elf forests, killed a demigod the Night Elves worship and drank demon blood for power plus the Dark Troll conflicts, why would the Night Elves ally with the Horde instead of the Alliance?

Mainly purely for the original Horde= savage, primitive race aesthetic. But if you want to quibble 'why would X race join Y faction when= " You could easily apply that to other races. Fact is Blizzard could’ve used any number of things they wanted to justify it. Sort of like Dark Irons joining the Alliance when they’ve been enemy mobs to us for the majority of WoW.