HoT Spam Macro castsequence help

I’m trying to make a macro so that its just one button i can spam that will cast rejuvination, lifebloom and cenarion ward one at a time per gcd

i tried a couple things like this… and i’m gonna keep playing with it but i’m asking for help if yall know how to make this work lol :smiley:

/castsequence  [@mouseover] Rejuvenation, [@mouseover] Lifebloom, [@mouseover] Cenarion Ward

That’s not how you setup options for castsequence macros and you also need to include existence checks for mouseover condition sets.

That said, this is a terrible idea, please don’t do it. You’ll be much better off using modifier macros where you have more control.


i got all my heals on mouseover keybound and i just spam that shty, it’s 3 keys easy to do, i was just thinking to improve efficiency i could marcro it all together LOLHEALHOTSPAMFTF ::smiley: