Hot Girl Winter Activated

Mog Queen at it again :hot_face::hot_face:

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shhhheeeeesh :hot_face::hot_face::hot_face::hot_face::hot_face:

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Nah yours is mid. lookat mine i look coooooooool

Your eyebrows are massive… oh, those are horns :laughing:

how’s mine tho?

Where are your pants?

sorry friend but you’re hideous

10 charzards


everyone is just jealous that aren’t super like me.

Wait are you Garmuck v4.0??


naw i’m wippy v1 and how dare you assume that after i complimented ur mog!

I’m sorry bff, I see Garmuck v72.0 using the 10charizard and other variations the most :pensive: