Horrific Visions disabled?

I can’t access Horrific Visions at all, regardless of when a character was transferred. Is this intentional while the Mother research is being fixed?


Yes, on the PTR, we’ve disabled the portals to Horrific Visions for now.

We’ll post here when they’re re-enabled.

Is there an ETA on this? I’m not sure if this was stated somewhere else or not.

Any chance these will be back before the weekend?

Update would be swell

It’d be really nice if we could get at least an update on how things are going in regards to visions returning on the PTR. Being able to do a test vision as a healer spec before depleting my key on live would be wonderful.

Hello? Are horrific visions disabled on the PTR PERMANENTLY?

I’m honestly not as upset about it since they’ve upped the amount of coalescing you can get weekly (making it 4 vessels/wk instead of 3) while simultaneously nerfing the visions for heal specs. I don’t think any heal spec outside of shockadin or even resto catweaving could have done visions at a reasonable pace. However, leaving the community out of the loop about disabling visions permanently on the ptr is a poor move. There have already been bug fixes for mother’s titanic research on live, so it’s hard to believe that OP’s assumption about the disabling being related to the research table is true.

Communication is key, blizz. If you don’t talk to your community about what your plans are, and don’t give them the feedback they deserve, then it only drives them away.


Hey Kaivax,

Any word on horrific visions being re-enabled for PTR? It looks like you fixed the titan research to transfer properly when a character is copied. This would be a great time to allow us access!

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New week, any update on vision on the ptr?

something tells me they aren’t bringing it back online unfortunately.

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would be nice if blizzard could reactivate the portal to Horrific Visions on PTR

as I said in some other posts , the customer service has really failed its customers at keeping people informed as to the issues… in less then a week i have lost 3 vessels. 1 from a random d/c that when logging back in I was back in the chamber and lost the vessel. rewards never showed in mail box. and the other two times was because I was feared from mechanic and it stuck me into an object that I could no longer move away from… response from cust service… sorry no compensation and go farm some more. better luck next time… horrific vision of this game is … its falling fast.

Personally have no qualms with horrific visions themselves. I understand they can be buggy, but as with all things it really is just a game and I expect it to have some issues. With that rate we’re getting vessels now, it’s not all that bad. My issue is just the lack of communication. I know Kaivax is only one guy, and can only feed information to us if it’s directly from the developers. He’s just a middle man that’s abused constantly by the forums. The devs just need to get better at feeding Kai that information so we have consistent updates from the internal workings of the dev team.

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