Horrific Vision - Launched and Locked

On numerous occasions, 5 that I can remember explicitly, I have been launched by the scorched feet and/or some other mechanic into an inescapable spot. Once, in a hut I got thrown between boxes and a wall… no jumping or moving would get me out. Other times, I get launched under the dock… or into the water and end up under the dock, where the camera refuses to give me a birds eye view and nothing I do can get me out from under it and I simply die from standing in my own path or direct attacks.

I understand learning and countering mechanics, including scorched feet, I just didn’t expect being pinned inescapably to a wall and jamming up the camera making it impossible to get bearings while caught up on a maze of posts with only one way out (if even that) to be two of them.

Are these bugs, oversights, or intentional traps?

They are very much bugs and you’ll want to report them on the Bug Reports forums or use the ingame tool.