Horrific Vision ilvl drops?

I popped out a full solo clear of the current vision of SW an hour ago. I had 3 masks active. Killed the boss had no issues until I opened the big chest and found a cute 420 ilvl set of boots inside. Am I high or is the difficulty for running that much too advanced to receive a trash drop? literally, my boosted hunter gets 420 ilvl stuff from running straight into the boss with a lvl 2 cape. This is a bug right? xD really tho… this is a bug…?

This is how the rewards work:

Because they have no rewards for the “masks but not full clear” situation, if you miss something by accident, you drop all the way back to the 430 level. It is very easy when doing Stormwind to miss an objective - usually one of the 8 cages in Trade District. It happens so often that there are regular reports here of a bug where it didn’t count one because the player couldn’t possibly have missed one. But I know I’ve done it once.

And the way the diminishing returns works on rewards, if you do it twice, the next time it drops you down a tier and you only get a 420.

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Minidecay explained how diminishing rewards worked in visions. And even provided a link from WoW itself about it.