Horrible stuttering

the ptr is unplayable for me due to how bad the game is stuttering (its only happening on the ptr live is fine). from the time i log in its like i’m watching a flip book or something game says im getting 80+ fps but it feels more like im getting 5. this is happening everywhere even in empty zones/in dungeons and gets even worse as soon as i enter any form of combat. is anyone else getting anything like this or does anyone know of any kind of fixes?


Same, the game client actually froze completely at one point for at LEAST a solid 30 seconds. Actually tried to forcefully close it during that time but nothing worked. BUT … those 30 seconds later, client just unstuck itself and went back to normal.

Still having horrible framerate issues, too, though. >_<

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I’m noticing some stuttering as well, but that seems to be restricted to when flying. Have max level flying on the characters I’ve copied over. Stop for a few seconds and it goes away until I fly for about 30 seconds.

Most of my disconnects have been while flying.

Getting stuttering while walking around on a level 10, before getting riding training.

My graphics card and CPU should not be fighting with this game(R7 3600X, RTX 2060).

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