<Horder Faster Deeper> 3/10M AOTC LF Heals & DPS for Fri/Sun Raiding!

Greetings from HFD! We are a long-time guild with 10+ years of history and recently moved to Thrall!

We are currently recruiting for our 3/10M AOTC team. Players interested in mythic raiding, M+, a long-term home, active community, and intellectual discussions like is bleu cheese actually good are highly encouraged to apply.

Raid times: Friday/Sunday 8 - 11pm EST optional raid Mondays 8 - 11pm EST
We’re most interested in the following classes but will consider others so please apply!

Heals: Disc priest, Holy Priest, RSham, or RDruid
DPS: Mage, DK, Spriest, Lock, WW Monk, Rogue, DH

Message Lanoline#1436 on either bnet or Discord with any questions or fill out our application here: https://forms.gle/ytCh4Rom3Ek6AfC98