Horde wired 7/8 heroic 1/8 mythic recruit lfm barthilas


[H] <Wired> 8/8 normal eternal palace 7/8 heroic 1/8mythic Recruiting to strengthen our team for mythic prog.

wired is a semi hardcore mythic progression raiding guild seeking a few more to fill out our roster for 8.2

our current needs are as follows: HIGH Priority

-range dps

Raid times are as follows:

Friday and Saturday mythic progression 8-11pm ST
we also run mythic pluses on off nights be sure to jump in disc so getting a group together is alot easier than typing in guild chat
We are also considering other exceptional applicants as needed. Any questions, please contact me goldenpants#13867.


Still after some exceptional DPS to fill out our ranks! :slight_smile:


still looking


Hey mate, I have sent you an add in bnet.

A friend and I have recently transferred to horde and have had an extended break from raiding, however are looking at getting back into it.

He can raid on the following dps:
DH, warr, hunter

I can raid in the following:
Ele sham, MW monk

We like to have an active m+ community also, however the Friday and Saturday raid times suit us.



still looking


LFM still need a lock especially :smiley:


Still lfm strong dps to push mythic this tier! :slight_smile: Priority is still in OP (mainly lock, but will consider others).


Still need dps to bolster our team to push mythic this tier! Need lock or warr preferably, but will consider other strong dps. Also recruiting for regular Mythic + PvP and social! :slight_smile:


Need more dps. Still looking for a lock! All other exceptional dps please enquire with Nontegoras (currently full on melee).


still looking for dps!! :slight_smile:


lfm for our raid team