Horde Whitemane Initiative 9/9 Semi Hardcore Guild Recruiting

Initiative Is a 9/9 Semi Hardcore raiding guild Wed/Thur 7-10 PST

About us: The leadership has a solid foundation of players from top US 10-25 guilds from retail and experience from original vanilla. We efficiently clear all content in one night, leaving the second night for clean up as necessary. Currently, we are preparing for AQ 40 by summoning lords and pushing raiders to min-max out side of raid. Once Phase 6 hits we will establish a optional off night for AQ 40 & BWL.

Expectations: Be ready for invites half an hour before start time, not expect a summon and have consumables for class efficiency.

Loot: Priority List

Currently recruiting needs:
Holy Priest: High
Resto Shaman: High
Resto Druid: High

Contact us in game via btag:

Beris: GM - Zero#1627
Nauzd: Raid Leader & Healing officer - Nauzd#1568
Elundis: Caster DPS officer - HanZolo#11755
Dkkcz: Melee DPS officer - Dkkcz#5696