[Horde] <Salt> Lite is recruiting, relaxed raiders encouraged

(Salt) Lite | [Horde] Kromcrush | NA-PVP | is recruiting, all aspects of players aspiring raid content | Raid times: W 8pm-Before Midnight moving forward (potential Thursday raids if demand fits) | 2 piece Soft res | World buffs not required but encouraged |

Are you sick of getting dispelled by the Alliance in Org? Forget about it! Salt Lite is raiding this Monday at 8 pm and moving to Wednesdays at 8 pm server time with new relaxed rules. Don’t stress about getting dispelled or taking hours getting your buffs done days in advance. Play the way you like, join Salt Lite and you will be glad you did.

Raid Times: recruiting for Wednesdays from 8pm EST server time tell before midnight.

Loot Rules: 2 pieces soft res on the raids loot table.

General Information: Salt has been around since the start of Kromcrush’s inception. Through multiple phases of development our current layout demanded a reconstruction. Recently we’ve separated different mindsets into two teams; One looking to play relaxed, without the need to bring consistent world buffs, lesser need to push server times and more about playing the class/spec that suits your personality. The other has a group focused primarily on pushing times and parsing to the max potential, if this interest you the best way to show us what you got and represent in Salt Lite. Showing your effort, skill and attendance grabs all officer attention and will be considered moving forward. Please be able to show up on time, encouraged to provide world buffs when time suits you, have fun with us as we develop a new raid experience for all of us.

Classes/Specs we are looking for;
All exceptional players may apply
We have a large influx of: Druids, Mages
Could really use: Tanks, Priests, Hunters, Shamans, Rogues, DPS Wars
All class/specs please apply.

Any further explanation or further questions please seek out myself(Nickyboy), Baishall, Arcyx, Thungo, Zeik, Polylol, Razerbeam and any other veteran member you may hear about us, either in-game or in discord.

Thanks for your time, and happy raiding!!

where do you apply or is it just a direct in game contact?