Horde RP guilds with a "good guy" theme?

I see a lot of warbands, cults, and merc guilds, but I was wondering if there are any Horde RP guilds that have more neutral or “good” leaning characters/themes around? I have a Forsaken priest who is still a follower of the Light, and devotes his energy to healing and combat medicine rather than nefarious experiments. He’s a bit quirky (aren’t all undead?), but not nearly mustache-twirly enough to fit well with a pro-Sylvanas guild, or even a gung-ho war or merc band.

Just checking to see what might be around the server!


Come check us out at Firebrand Enterprises!

Yes, we’re a goblin run mercantile organization, which means some members get into the occasional shady stuff behind the scenes, but our bosses are pragmatic enough know the value of good publicity.

To that end, they employ plenty of legitimately nice and idealistic people (like me!) while also hosting or participating in various charity, fundraising, and other philanthropic events.

We support the Horde and our dealings with Alliance are limited, but there’s very little talk of the war outside of its effects on business.

Our security division is just one of three. We also have a research wing, which focuses on magical, medical, and scientific theory/development/application and the commercial wing of the company. All branches have their own parts to play and their own story lines.

So just look for us around Orgrimmar. We’re having our first year anniversary celebration tomorrow night if you want to come see what we’re about!

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Feel free to browse the guilds in the Horde Guild Directory:

Hope that helps!! Best of luck on your search.

The Ashbound might be what you’re looking for. We’re a warband guild with the explicit aim of upholding the original values of Thrall’s Horde - honor, respect and justice. The warband has a radical structure in that the leader is mostly a figurehead, only able to make some executive decisions, and decisions are instead voted on by members of the warband.

The name comes from the aftermath of the Burning of Teldrassil, as the founding members believed themselves to be bound to bring honor back to the Horde by the ashes of the atrocity.

Hope this is the sort of thing you’re looking for!

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That sounds pretty neat, actually. Do you guys have a website or app to check out?