Horde Roleplay events, May 8th - 16th

Greetings deviate denizens,

There’s an exciting week of Horde roleplay events coming up!

The Righteous Orb Run
2020-05-09T20:00:00Z in Booty Bay
The Laughing Coffin is hosting a foot race from Booty Bay to the Kargath inn. No spirit resurrection allowed. First prize is 3 Righteous Orbs, second is 2, and third is 1. Signups close 2020-05-09T03:59:00Z.
Contact Oliviae.

Sharptusk’s Midnight Fire
2020-05-11T03:59:00Z @ midnight in Orgrimmar
Speak with your fellow adventurers around the fire or simply listen in.
Contact Sharptusk.

Bawdy Stories in Booty Bay
2020-05-16T02:00:00Z in Booty Bay
Tell your crude or embarrassing tale from within the realm. Drinks must be taken after each story, and within each story.The best tale of the night wins a prize
Contact Sharptusk.

The Assassin Hunt :new:
2020-05-16T22:00:00Z in Orgrimmar
Unwanted and unlicensed assassins have been a rare pleasure in Orgrimmar’s streets, but a ruthless elf now holds Thrall’s city in his bloody grip. Catseye Ultra Goggles and Catseye Elixirs will be distributed at no cost to the citizenry of Orgrimmar.
Contact Sharptusk.

The Kalimdor Cup
2020-05-16T23:00:00Z at the Mirage Raceway
Contact Aovi.

This event has been postponed.

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Winterforge will be at the footrace! We will be um…how do I say…making it more difficult :wink:

Rommash salutes all the envolved of those events.

Things like these makes this game enjoyable!


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