Horde Raiding teams

So I was looking at classic raid logs and I noticed 6 horde guilds had cleared bwl 1 7/8 1 6/8 I personally am a member of the last. was wondering how yalls progression was goin through this I know we personally have a lot of times that the suppression room has became fully bugged.

Razorgore - Free Epics!

Vaelastrasz - Personal responsibility fight, fairly tight in mechanics, but definitely not the ‘guild breaker’ it was heralded as. Only a couple wipes to learn.

Dragon Pack Trash - Pretty easy. Kite the big boys. Sleep the casters. Kill.

Supression Chamber - Pretty easy with the strat we use. Stay near start, pull stuff to you. When all bigger mobs are dead, cross to the middle, rest up. Move to cubby. Pull stuff back to cubby. When all of it is clear, move to position before Broodlord.

Broodlord Lashlayer - Pain in the butt. We have everyone hug the far back wall where gate is. Ranged to left of gate. Tank him to right. Melee backs up to ranged if they get low in health. Everyone be careful on agro. He’ll die. Takes some time to get used to, his agro is wonky, but pretty easy.

Lab trash packs - Generally keep raid spread out, aoe the technicians, pull warlocks and spellbinder out of the pack, melee kills warlocks first, casters nuke technicians, then casters swap to drakonid and melee swaps to spellbinders, rinse repeat.

Firemaw - The true boss of BWL. Positioning on boss is super tight. If you mess it up, it can easily lead to a wipe. If your off tanks get bad resists, it can easily lead to a wipe. Mostly its not anyones fault, Firemaw is just a jerk. We’ve wiped the most on this one boss, but with practice it only happens now on poor RNG.

Ebonroc - Free epics!

Flamegor - Free epics!

Chromaggus - Mostly free epics. Takes a little practice to get used to, but once you do, he turns into a juicy loot pinata.

Nefarian - The juiciest loot pinata of them all. It’s like king size candy bars raining down every week. YUM!!!

If I unstealth during the Suppression Room, Drosera takes all my drops.

Working on broodlord. Only been getting to him in the past with ~1 hour or less of raid time but this Sunday will be the first time we’ll have a full night starting right on him so thats exciting! Wanna get that ugly jerk down and start working over the drakes.