Horde race for Assassin

What is the best race for assassin?

I just got my NE rogue to ilvl 410 after I gave up on my warlock. I plan to do pvp and mythic +.

Also, RIP shadowmeld, I shall miss you my OP racial for when vanish is on cooldown.

there Is no “best race” just play whichever race looks the best to you or has the coolest stealth animation in your opinion

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I mostly wonder if “will of the forsaken” or “rocket jump” is the most useful.

Idk I like BE for the purge.

I’ll chime in and agree that racials are almost entirely irrelevant. A couple that might be worthwhile in certain situations are Zandalari or dark iron, but basing your race choice on racials isn’t really a thing anymore. Play whatever race you’ll be able to stand watching their backside for thousands of hours. To address your second post, WotF is meh and so is rocket jump.

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^This, I miss my purge.

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~>*yes lol

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Do you miss purge more than shadowmeld? Shadowmeld is probably my favorite active racial in the game for Druid and rogue.

BE Purge is good for M+, Zandalari get a 4% crit buff that constantly procs and panda food buff is already one of the best racials in the game.

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Troll haste boost is always a plus too :slight_smile:

Shadowmeld is probably my favorite racial as well, but for all classes that can be one. It makes questing/farming so much easier.

I just love the utility. A mini vanish and an easy way out of the pesky “in combat” bug.

It’s by far my favorite racial. But, I HATE Male l night elf ears due to the clipping issues

Loving my Dwarf and stoneform (new one with dark iron dwarf, but similar). Taking out the slows, and poisons when fighting. I tie it to my disengage on my hunter. So basically I get a rogue on me he stuns me and poisons me, and most of the time he has garrote and Rupture on me (sin rogue). I will use stoneform and disengage, and then toss down a oil trap and a flare if the rogue uses vanish.

As a rogue though I used the human for the pvp trinket. Seriously thinking of going iron dwarf though since it’s unlocked now.