Horde queues will still be long

Title says it all. I would be very surprised if horde queues got below 15 minutes.

They’ll cry more and have more game breaking changes implemented, don’t worry. Blizzard will always bail out the easy mode faction.


This is not a game breaking change.

yup, rest assured, those people gloating now will be here whining about something else in a week or two. and blizzard will cave again… such is the cycle of retail


they will still be infinitely better than the 1+ hr queues and the inevitable 2+ hr queues once the alliance finished grinding honor

Horde queues will still be long

If the queue is
Horde vs Horde
Alliance vs Alliance
Horde vs Alliance

Then its horde with instant queues and alliance that have to wait.

Until you need to queue AV for S2, that’s gonna be fun. XD

Go read the blue post again. Or for the first time.

Title is wrong, probably.

Everyone will have fairly short queue times.

It really depends on what this timer is.

For example, there won’t be any alliance vs alliance matches. So alliance have to wait for horde to queue and horde will have horde in the queue at all times.


you’ve obviously never had to deal with 60 minute ques then. you’re delusional if you think horde will be upset by 15 minute que.

15min was my queue time as Alliance back in BC. If that’s too long for some of y’all then this game really ain’t for you.

Right now 15 min is short for horde. So yea.

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