Horde portal room location?

So the Alliance portal room was put where they used to have portals, makes sense.

Horde portal room was put in the interior of their front wall? Why wasn’t it put in the cleft of shadow? Am I the only one bothered about that?

It’s location is a bit odd, but I never like going down into the clef of shadows.

Then I started farming the Siege of Orgrimmar and it annoyed me that all those cool extra rooms are not accessible normally. So I disliked it even more.

I’m personally not bothered. The new spot is far more convenient and less anoying to get to.

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It really seems for me like a poor strategic placement when you think about it.

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I think it’s fine… what I hate is that if you go to the portal room and look above, you can see the sky… but if you go above the structure from outside, you can’t really see that opening anywhere, because it does not exist.

In the alliance hub I can cast Far Sight at a wall twice to go through it, which loads my far sight into the ocean outside Stormwind. The entire ground also doesn’t bother displaying ground target circles [heroic leap, totems, whatever] at all.

I like it. Right near the front door, handy location not far from banks and AHs and such.

Really, people will complain about anything…

Yes, you should apply for Blizzard devs maybe you can put Horde portal room in Crossroad or something.

They should just get rid of it and let mages be the only ones with portals. And then give us more portals and then on top of that we get to custom make a portal.

Do you really want to be harrassed constantly for ports? Cause that’s how you get harrassed constantly for ports.

I just like denying people it, mwahahahahaha!