Horde Players looking for home somewhere on WoW

Hello everyone,
My husband and I are interested in joining a guild. We are currently looking for a Medium server, we are Mountain Time Zone, and play throughout most days. We are really interested in joining a casual guild, as we DO NOT and DO NOT INTEND TO RAID. My husband and myself are both over the age of 30 and are not “number chasers.” We play WoW for a casual, chill, relaxed experience.
We are interested in more of a home than just a LFG chat and are hoping to really get to know the game and some of the people who play it. We have spent a lot of time on the High/Full servers and are not having any luck with finding like minded people there, hence why we are thinking of trying a medium server. We don’t care about good AH stuff, we care about finding good people to hang out with.

I am just having a hard time believing that with all the people playing WoW there are literally no other casual players. I don’t want to believe that WoW has turned into only hardcore players with toxic attitudes.

-Any information or advice about medium servers would also be greatly appreciated!


I know you’re not interested in raiding, and that’s one of the things my guild does (it’s our main shtick), but we also do group Torghast on Wednesdays, Mythic keystones on Fridays, casual BGs on Saturdays, and have a variety night on Mondays (for example, this week it’s timewalking dungeon runs). We also hang out on voice chat daily so there’s always someone to hang with.

Our core active hours are 6pm-9pm pacific (9est-midnight) though we start getting our early active members at 9am pst (noon est) on.

We’re on a higher population server than you’d like but not so high in population that we get a queue.

We’re a low key guild with players both young and old. We tend to lean a little left but try to avoid politics in guild/voice. We don’t tolerate hate speech. We also teach areas of gameplay and help people work on getting better at their classes (though this is more for raids and mythic plusses).

If this seems okay to you, hit me up on discord. Zandrae#1418 .

Hi there,

I know you said you were looking for medium pop servers, but I invite you to check out Funky Town on US-Illidan. We do plan to raid, but most of the time you can find people online at any given time of the day just hanging out, chatting, running dungeons, etc.

If you want to talk, I’m on BlitzkriegDC#8703 on Discord or message any of us in-game.

My wife does not play but a few friends and guild members play as couples. We do keys regularly to get to AOTC in PST at 9-11 pm PST. That is an hour later for you and around those times we are doing 1-2 keys a night off of W/Th raid nights.

We are alliance and proudmoore, but pretty much a mature settled casual crew. You do not have to raid to be in our guild, we are happy to have people join for the sake of just doing “stuff” as we progress. My personal goal is to have an AOTC roster that is current and fun and casual.

I do my torghasts sunday night, and the rest of the night we are down for 1-3 keys or casual pvp.

You can reach me at grimthane#3215 on discord, or VeryGrim#1543 on Battle.net.

Good luck!

Hey guys!

We hear you, and we are 100% in the same boat. Which is why we put together Shadow Company, which offers space for the casual player to have all kinds of experiences without the pressure of neglecting your day job/hobbies/partners/pets/kids/good food/what have you!

We’re an EST server, so that’ll put you two hours behind us I think, but if you’re game to give us a shot, we’d be delighted to have you! Also, I knowwww you said Horde but I promise we’re not poopy Alliance (most of the time, we certainly have our off days. :wink: )

[A][US][Duskwood] [Shadow Company] Social, Fun Loving Guild running Raids/Mythics/Everything Else, 21+ Preferred.

Looking for a new home that encourages social activity, delving into new and older content, AND progressing? Want a place you can thrive and get help during Shadowlands?

Well look no further than Shadow Company! We’re located on Duskwood (EST server) and are a group of folks who have run large scale guilds in the past, and returned to open a space that welcomes new and older players alike! We’re game for pretty much anything, and would love to join you on your journey in Azeroth. No drama or elitism here, just good old fun and gaming with a crew of cool cats. If you’re looking for hardcore content pushers - sorry friends, but we ain’t it!

We share recipes, we tell puns, we have “coffee time” in the mornings on Discord, we drop memes, and we have a seat on this party bus waiting for YOU!

There’s a short application (so we can all get to know each other better!) and stuff happens most nights, including Mythic Keys, “Drunkgeons”, Raiding, and all kinds of other events! You never know what might be going on when you log in.

Interested in raiding? Schedule is Thursday/Saturday nights 8 - 11 PM server time (EST). We pride ourselves on a “Fun But Focused” atmosphere that gets things done but takes wipes and learning in stride. No yelling, pointing fingers, or shaming. We just have a good time and kill bosses! CURRENTLY RECRUITING HEALERS!

Have questions? Feel free to comment, PM me, or hit me up on Bnet at FatalCake#1544 - I’ll be your GM (and subsequent host of ridiculous nonsense and stupid noises in Discord).


Hello! Your description of your guild sounds like what I’m looking for. I’m an older player just looking to get AotC each tier (but open to dabbling in mythic). I was wondering when your raid times are and what server you hail from. I’m not the best but not the worst player and I’m dependable. I can also bring cauldrons :smiley: Mainly I’m looking for kind, pleasant people to spend my game time with. Thanks in advance!

My guild Evolved might be a good fit for you! We are an 18+ community and most of our members have families, jobs, etc so we understand the importance of real life coming first. Because of this, we do not require 100% raid attendance. Everyone is super friendly, mature, and a ton of fun to be around! We like to focus on having a strong community as it makes the game so much more enjoyable, and our main goal is to have fun together!

We raid Weds/Thurs from 8:30-10:30 pm EST for herioc and Sunday nights are very casual open raid night for normals. We also do weekly mythic+ events for our members. Evolved is a Horde guild on Area52. We also have a sister Alliance guild on Proudmoore.

You can contact me at Grimmy#1990 if you have more questions.

Here is a link to our recruitment post: [H] Evolved Gaming, 18+ guild recruiting! 10/10H CN

Hello There,

Vengeful is in need of more Heroic Raid minded ladies and gentlemen to join our Shadowlands Raid team. Stormrage - Alliance.

We are currently looking for all classes

About Us:
We are a Social, active laid back casual guild While currently working through Normal/Heroic content we have plans to try to go to Aotc and also might dabble in mythic raiding if we have enough people. We also do Mythic + and PvP on off nights from raiding.

The pertinent information:
We are 10/10 N, 3/10 H. We raid Thursday/Friday/Saturday: Pulling at 7:00 p.m. Est and going until (the latest) 10 p.m. EST. Additional We use Discord. If you need to leave early due to Real Life than that is fine or if you cannot make it to raid please let one of the Officers/GM know. Also raid is not mandatory.
What we offer:
Enchants, gems, food, flasks and pots can be created by our Master Craftsmen, often for just the materials. We provide Flasks and Feasts, we will expect you to have enchants, gems, pots, seals and augment runes before we begin the raid. We are helpful and constructive - if you need something we can get it or help you get it. We love innovation, we love pushing the limits, we love working together as a team. We are fun and quirky, sometimes we have to be serious but we are always working to improve and most importantly we are here to have fun.

What we want from you:
Being able to raid 3 days a week for 3 hours a day but not mandatory, preferably Thurs/Fri/Sat 7pm - 10:00pm Server (ET). Your best, fully optimized, best stats DPS set cannot be below 190 gear score (ilevel). Be on time, be prepared, have current knowledge of your class and of the boss encounters. Understand directions and be able to carry out assignments. Have previous raid or mythic + dungeon experience and/or you can play at a competent and competitive level. Be able to take constructive and friendly criticism to improve and play better. Be able to maintain a mature demeanor during raids while having a sense of humor during stressful situations ex, Wipes, loot distribution, disconnects.
We all have full lives outside of the game and looking for more of the same minded folks to join our Team.

You can reach me in Discord at Night#5956
You can also add me on Battlenet: NightKnight#1159389

Thanks for reading and your time,

Hey there.

I’m not sure if we’ll get AotC this tier but we will eventually.

We raid Tues/Thur at 6pm pacific to 9pm pacific. (7-10 mountain, 8-11 central, 9-midnight eastern.)

Hey not sure if you found a guild yet, but if you’re open to alliance I was looking for something similar today. I found a guild that seems like it will be a good home for me, something casual yet social with no pressure to raid. If you’re still looking you should check it out: [US] [A] [SILVER HAND] <Archive> RECRUITING CASUALS & SOCIALS

Thanks for the response! I think I found a guild though. Appreciate the consideration :slight_smile:

If a faction change is an option I’d love to chat with you both as I think we have exactly what you are looking for.

We’re are on Silver Hand which is a low to med pop RP server. I love the fact that the “uber l337” toxic kids have avoided RP servers from day one as it inoculates the server from all the toxicity and drama that comes along with those types of players. We are attached to two other servers that are low to med pop and have active, friendly communities to interact with.

A little about us:

Illidans Redemption, formerly Sisters of the Night (est Feb 2005), is likely the oldest active guild on Silverhand and we’re quite proud to still be around led by one of its founding members.

We have weekly Legacy raids for xmogs/mounts, raids, heroics, and general shenanigans while looking to begin regular mythic and some pvp fun. We are active 5 pm EST USTZ through the weeee morning hours of 2 am with players spread across most US timezones.

We simply aren’t a solo’ers/chat lurkers type guild. Everyone knows everyone here by name. There;s always something going on in our guild chat or Discord voice and text channels.

Find us in the Guild Finder tool, our discord @ discord.gg/WkD8axzQqn or Shade_PWS#9836

Hello there!

I know you’re not looking to raid. But I am also looking for people to play the game with on off raid nights and just chill and chat. You can see my guild spam below and we can chat if something interests you or you’ve not found a guild yet

DeathsCouncil is a a guild formed in Warlords of Draenor that is currently being rebuilt as a AOTC focused group of players. Our main focus is to build our roster with the notion to build towards clearing AOTC each tier. We will be a laid back guild looking for fun and active members to build its ranks for our future raid team. We have heroic experience as a group. We are on Illidan-Horde

Raid Times:
Tuesday and Thursday 8:00pm - 10:00pm (Eastern Time)

Currently Recruiting Priorities:
Currently recruiting for a 10 man raid team.

Tanks: Any class needed except Paladin

Healers: Currently Closed

Ranged DPS: Any class

Melee DPS: Any class

Otherwise we will accept any other classes and specializations for mythic+ runs. If you’re interested please reach out to one of the Officers below.


Greetings Smidgewitch, I know you said you are looking for a medium pop server, but I do ask you to consider us over on Thrall-US. While we are recruiting for raid, we are all also looking for good, fun, and active people for other aspects of the game as well to fill out our ranks. We are all people who know that the game is more than just raiding, even if that is just one aspect of the guild. We have an active discord (we use it for WAY more than just an LFG for keys and pugging) and are all active players throughout the week, more than just raid nights. I feel you will be a good fit for what we are trying to build in our new community as we want people who enjoy World of Warcraft as a whole, not just raiding. You will find contact information at the bottom of the “copy pasta” that is stereotypical, and I removed the raid information as it doesn’t apply here.


Hi! Guild Name Optional is a new guild on Thrall-US formed in February of 2021. We are a group of players who enjoy all aspects of the game from pve (raiding and mythic keystones) to pvp to social activities. We are currently looking to fill our ranks with like-minded individuals that enjoy all aspects of the game (social interaction, pvp,keys, achievement hunting, mog runs, mount runs, etc) as well as build a solid raid comp for AOTC and mythic progression.

PvP: We are in the process of setting up a PvP team. Currently have a handful of people that run random bgs and rated, as well as people involved in 2s and 3s arena.

Looking for:

Someone who has extensive knowledge in PvP and is willing to lead an upstart RBG team as well as coach.

Mythic Keystones: We have multiple people who run keys on a daily basis (10s-15s+), so it’s never hard to find people willing to run keys for either your weekly vault or push even higher.

Social: We have a very active discord community as well as have a Blizzard community set up with players from across servers looking to pug raids, keys, pvp, etc.

Contact Information

Alkamyst: Alkamyst#1337 (Discord) | Drdiabeetus#11324 (Bnet)
Skylitnight: Skylitnight#1896 | Skylitnight#11667 (Bnet)