Horde or Alliance?

can’t decide between the 2. i play horde on retail for quite some time now but i played alli prior.

Main focus in classic will be same as with retail which is PvP and PvE content raiding, dungeons, farming stuff, PvP to an extent ( im not great at PvP but want to get more into it )

race wise idc, biggest concern is if there is any active community for higher ranked PvP i guess. Also a HUGE concern for me is community. i dont like to feel like im playing retail in classic in the sense that players on X faction only keep to themselves and want to talk to you only if you can benefit them in terms of say Raiding. im looking for a actual community i guess not just logging in to raid and logging off type of play style.

You can expect a lot of conflicting information on this. Expect about 300 answers of This Vs That. You might even see guest appearances from the local trolls who pick fights on purpose.

Grabs popcorn.

*In reality, I wish you luck. I only play Horde since I’ve always played Horde. Has zero to do with the metababy bs." Play what you feel drawn to. play for YOU, but both sides have pros and cons, and again, you’ll be hearing a lot from the keyboard warriors of why you should, and shouldn’t do something.


yea i ended up deciding to just play horde mainly because shaman as that is what my new main will be in SL so i wanted to maybe experience the class back in vanilla. mage was my main for years kinda bandwagon in retail same in classic feels the same in retail and classic though at least imo.

Good. I’ve always believed in being where you feel you should be, not because what a spreadsheet says.

I originally started in Alliance back in Vanilla, but right at the Vanilla TBC crossroad, I switched over. Been Horde ever since. The undead resonate with me, and I like the lore. I really think that is the most important thing. Play for you, and enjoy YOUR time. :slight_smile: Glad you made a choice and I hope it works out well for you. What server did you start on?

I did find community when I first started, but they all left. Guild is no more. I think a hard part when starting is picking a server for sure. Not knowing what you’ll encounter, as it comes down to a good server, and a good guild that fits you well.

I chose RP cause I like RP a lot. I just do. I’ve always found the communities to be a little more tightly knit than a regular server. I find there is a broader sense of maturity on rp servers because one’s reputation is very important, and to be a jackass will get you blacklisted quickly.

Alliance if you want a better pve experience (pallys) or horde for the sake of being cool

Always Horde

Honestly, if you’re looking for an actual community - it’s really going to depend on the server.

Seek it out through social media and research - play the faction you think will be fun - the two are not exclusive to one another, but on PvP servers you will most assuredly find more players horde side.

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I was Horde when I last played retail… (Legion) and chose the other side for classic. Played both over the years.

Honestly I don’t have a favorite. Both are equally fun.

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Go Alliance, the queues for BGs as Horde will make you crazy


Go Alliance for best pvp experience and best pve optimization…

Go horde if you want to relax and chill at the beach.

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While it does depend on server type, the overall choice is Alliance.

Because Horde is something like 2/3 of the Classic playerbase.

You will generally have a harder time getting raid spots as horde, and something like 5x longer BG queues, as horde,… because EVERYONE is horde.

The Alliance races DO have solid pvp racials, you just have to think a little bit harder depending on your class and desired spec. Humans are the WORST pvp race choice in the game, except possibly for priests. If you wanna be pvp focused, do not pick human.


PvP Hunter? Night elf with cat pet.

PvP Warrior? Gnome.

PvP Paladin or Priest? Dwarf.

etc. The Horde is just too overpopulated, AND the servers are mature by now. There’s just too much competition for raid spots Horde side, and BG queues are too long, PLUS since the horde comprises such a heavy majority of the player base, it’s much harder to rank up.

Each server has a server has a server discord. Besides that, you can create a lvl 1 character and walk into a trade city like Org or IF and look at trade chat. Can also look at world chat as most toxicity comes from there. If you need further evidence get an add on that filters boosters from looking for group. If nothing or very little is being said. Most people are raid logging/ getting their alts boosted. Leveling guilds are out there, but they pretty much keep every run they are doing within guild chat. If there are no leveling guilds that are eager to take you in on either faction, then you know this isn’t the server for you.

This is correct.

At this point, since the servers are mature, I really highly recommend ONLY high population servers.

One gets the racials, blizzard attention, popularity and girls.

The other doesn’t get any of those things.

You decide

One gets hours long BG queues, and massive competition for every role and class slot in raids and pvp pre-mades.

You decide :stuck_out_tongue:

Horde will have the easier leveling experience. Everything’s right there in The Barrens and surrounding areas especially up to 30 or so while Alliance will have to hop from Westfall, Loch Modan, Wetlands, Darkshore, Ashenvale just to find quests. Many of their questing areas have flight points in very convenient places (looking at you, Grom’Gol).

Even the instance grind is easier. Horde have a dungeon in Org (that drops loot), Wailing Caverns, Shadowfang Keep, Razorfen Kraul, Razorfen downs, and the entirety of Scarlet Monastery on a main city’s doorstep. They get easy teleporter access to Gnomeregan and a flight point basically right outside Blackfathom Depths. Their FP in Desolace IIRC is also fairly close to Mara.

Alliance have deadmines and Stockade (drops no loot), then usually don’t bother much with dungeons until SM because BFD and RFK and SFK are so out of the way. SM is also very out of the way but it’s so good for drops and EXP that they suffer the ~15 minute run anyway.

I’ve had friends that have gone from 1-60 on both sides who have said horde is definitely smoother. Less foot travel time, less time running to important places from FPs, more time questing and dungeoning, more time actively killing = smoother experience.

Not really going to go over racials, just alliance tend to have far more situational racials with more of a PvE skew. One point here is if you are human (or orc) and you are a warrior (or shaman I guess), you won’t have to buy edgemaster’s handguards, which are a couple thousand gold at max level if you plan to raid DPS (or warrior tank). The +5 weapon racial is probably the strongest PvE racial, or close to it.

PvP-wise horde tend to have higher wait time due to being the more populated faction in most cases. If you want something like the ice barbed spear, it’s very easy to get an AV win on horde where on my BG Alliance have gone from zero to exalted without a single AV win. The rep is faster for Alliance, however.

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On retail my very first character was a Night Elf Druid, (I joined maybe, like, a month or so before TBC) And then once I got TBC I made a Blood Elf Hunter.

But now I flip flop between sides. Right now I’m kinda towards Alliance, but Horde will have a soft spot in my heart

i rolled on whitemane. the server i wanted to play since launch but sadly i didn’t first roll on there due to my friend logging on 20minutes late by then his que time was like 2 hours long. mine was only about 1 hour which idc. we rerolled onto whitemane after though from kurrinax.

i might reroll alliance though i mean horde side i only want shaman but since were on a pvp server me and my friend wont be able to play together eventually if TBC comes out. he doesn’t want to reroll. he got mad at me already cause i made him reroll then i quit XD

If community is what you value most, I would actually try searching for a guild first, then that can determine your faction.

I hear if you go horde you automatically become an AV God.