Horde leveling

Grob seems super crowded, and I don’t see a ton of RP there. Some of my friends went DD back during launch, and said it was pretty good. My old Grob guild is completely inactive, and I have been thinking about leveling a horde character now. (alliance on Grob) Do you all feel are there enough Horde leveling that I will be able to get the occasional dungeon? Or is everyone already sitting at 60/Boosting alts?

Is DD a solid place to make my horde toon?


Hey Tenorio,

Although I play on the other side of the battlefield on DD, from personal and second-hand friend and guildmate experiences, most mid-level zones seem pretty active Horde-side.

(*Caveat - “pretty active” is, of course, a relative term. DD is low-med pop.)

There are some awesome Horde RP guilds here too, so you should be able to find plenty of friends about.

If you do decide to roll here, let me know and I will put you in contact with some awesome Tauren I know. They should be able to help you moore. :slight_smile:



Hey Calvorican,

Thanks a lot! I was actually planning to roll a Tauren, just need to decide if I want a shaman or a druid. Any advice on who to look up once I decide?

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I’d highly reccommend reaching out to Aovi or Nanaurhi from the Thunderhoof Tribe. They’re an all-Tauren guild, and all-around good peeps.

If you decide to toll here, let me be the first to welcome you to Deviate Delight, and I look forward to seeing you in the field.


If you’re wondering what happened to Grob while you were gone (I play horde over there and alliance here), it was flooded by transfers from PvP servers with no intent of using it as a RP server. The RP still exists over there, but you have to really seek it out and if you are attempting to RP in a public place, people are going to actively be obnoxious and attempt to disrupt you and you have to learn to ignore them. That doesn’t happen here.

Deviate Delight has really dodged that bullet because the kind of people who came in and ruined the RP vibe on Grob view DD (incorrectly, but thankfully they view it this way) as dead or otherwise unworthy of their consideration for whatever reason. The transfers we have had here have largely been people who respect and are interested in the idea of a RP server, which contrasts with grob in that the transfers have actually enhanced the community here mostly rather than detracted from it.

Regarding the size, it is more difficult to find groups here now, the population is largely leveled, but it isn’t impossible by any means, you just need to have a little more patience, but people are always rerolling and leveling alts, so you’ll find groups as you’re leveling, just maybe not the exact group you want at any particular time. The upside of this is the walls of annoying spam for paid boosts that you see over on grob, don’t exist here. You’ll see a few people advertising boosts occasionally, but for the most part most of the people who are leveling are doing it the proper way.



It’s inevitable that players will come into a server and attempt to destroy the community for their own selfish needs… That said, we as a community (both A&H) have strong culture (often intermingling) on our little corner of the world. We have a thriving A&H pvp and RP culture and many who are interested in the “meat” of the community. We have a young Tauren who walked to 60 and there are many who saw, welcomed, and helped this player. Choose A or H and bring your RP to our server. We welcome you and , although there are a few who take the easy road, most you will find as honorable and friendly… Welcome dear one to DD… We look forward to your contribution to our little corner of the world.
When you get to Crossroads… Watch for me…I have gifts…


I play Horde side here. I usually can drum up a leveling dungeon run when I am interested.


Thanks for all the great info everyone. I’m gonna brainstorm character concepts and hopefully tonight I’ll make my Tauren.

See you all soon!

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Hey there,

Interested in meeting with you. As my honorable but faction-misguided friend said, Thunderhoof Tribe is always open to any Tauren of strong heart and sharp horns.

That said, there are also other roads a Tauren can take on DD, and I encourage you to explore your options; there are multiple Horde RP guilds on this server that are full of great people.

Be sure to holler at me when you roll though; Aovi is a prolific bagmaker, renown for his patented Over-and-Through stitching method, commonly known as Oat-stitching. We can get you some decent bagpace to adventure on.

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I’m in the same boat as you OP. I play grobb alliance and thinking of rolling horde here as well. Probably and orc hunter or shaman.