Horde leadership is kinda with so many councils

Like… right now the horde leadership is a council with so many race leaders that it’s kind of impossible to have a straightforward plan for the future.

On top of that the forsaken leadership is also a council…

what’s the problem of having kings/queens again >.<


Blizzard realized that as long as the Warchief position existed, they would always villainbat it every once in a while and the entire Horde in the process, so they made a Horde Council… (inb4 it gets villain-batted as well.)

In all seriousness, I don’t see a problem with having kings & queens or figures that hold equivalent power in societies. Absolute power does not always corrupt absolutely, Blizzard just needs to write competently.


We WoW Players still have a Queen in the Horde. Talanji. We also have Kings in the Alliance. There does not seem to be a problem with such terminology. They are there, for any and all to see.

Semantics seem to be brought up in discussions concerning how they rule.


Honestly there’s nothing stopping them from villain batting the Horde again by having someone launch a coup d’etat, taking power from the council, proclaiming themselves warchief, and starting another war.

I’d like to think that they made the council to remove the temptation of doing this. With Afrasiabi sent down the creek I’d also like to think they’ll try something different if they ever get the faction war itch.

All the same though, it’s probably best for everyone if they just not do faction war again.


Agreed, ultimately if they want to villain-bat the Horde they’re just gonna do it, no matter what they gotta do or how that pans out. They can villain-bat it with the council too, by just making them go to war with the Alliance for… [Insert reason that’s definitely logical and not at all stupid]


I feel like the Horde’s moved on culturally from a warchief. Its really just an old orcish thing that got passed down to a troll and then an undead elf. A warchief would make more since as a commander in chief of the modern Horde, not so much as a king.

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You say moved on culturally, I say become more bland. There are other wars beside a faction one to be Warchief of, plus Tauren use the similar title Chieftain which could be used instead if anything.

I’m fine with the Forsaken being a council, that’s probably the best outcome for them.

I hope one day this ordinary council will elect a Warchief that the Horde can rally behind.


I would say going from Warchief to Council is a good move if your not looking to go to war. But Baine is obviously the default leader/Warchief so they could just name him that.

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I like the Council system a lot. It kinda makes the Horde the daffy yet functional confederation of races it should always have been. And it doesn’t mean there can’t be kings or queens, since the member nations are still somewhat autonomous and have their own political regimes.

And as it’s been said already, it makes villain batting less likely. We’ve had our genocidal warchief overthrown twice. Let’s never do that again.


Talanji is no queen. She is a muppet of the horde council without agency.

The provlem isn’t being a villain. The problem is one sided writing.

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When blizzard decides to demonize the horde again, the council will just elect a new warchief to go of the rails. Until then we have a system where no one wants to be in charge.


The two are linked. WoW’s writing is one-sided because no matter what they say it still relies heavily on a good vs evil dichotomy. The Alliance being the “good” part of the equation, obviously.


This is becoming less of a thing with the barrier between the factions rapidly diminishing. If we get official support for interaction guilds I would say it is doubtful we will see them villainbat the Horde again… Though I am not sure when we get to the Light expansion the Alliance is safe from that.

Which is a stupid way to write. History is written by the victors.

I keep saying this in every one of these threads. Why is having a hereditary monarchy colpletely okay, but having a Big General (that’s supposedly chosen by merit) is inherently corrupt?

I don’t understaaaaand.


I don’t buy that the council system somehow makes it less likely to villain bat the Horde. They likely won’t be - but that’s because Blizzard has done it twice now. Not because the council system somehow stops them from doing so. Vol’jin taking the mantle was supposed to stop the Horde from getting Villain-batted too, but all it took was killing him off and giving the evil banshee queen it and now we’re back to square one.

All they would have to do is turn around and decide that some instigator is trying to push the council to war, do a whole “A good war” again and let 'er rip. The only thing that stops Blizzard from villain-batting the Horde is Blizzard, council or not. Personally, I think all the councils are lame. This should be an Alliance thing, and kept the Horde having their Warchief.


The Horde’s track record with having a single ruler.

“Well, we ****ed this up, like, 5 times now. But maybe this NEXT time…”

And if they did do it again, it damn well better be the Alliance’s turn to be the villain.


I just assume everyone’s secretly envious of gnomes (with their direct democracy).

I mean, everyone’s probably a little envious of gnomes at all times about everything anyway.


A democracy that has only ever elected one dude for as long as we’ve known about it, who now calls himself a King.

Doesn’t seem all that democratic tbh