Horde interaction, best time playing WOW in a long time

I’ve played WOW since year 2. I was a SWG guy until they ruined it. Then I migrated to WOW. I’ve been here off and on for 14 years or so.

I never raided until BFA, and pretty casually. I’m a casual that likes to see content. I have a job and kids.

I was really beat down and sad after last weekend. The guild I found where I finally found a home and could raid casually died tragically. It’s now an alt and social guild. The best players got absorbed by a hardcore raiding guild that probably doesn’t want or need me.

I’ve been leveling my warrior alt, trying to get attunements and hit 60. My alt is Oberyn. In Felwood, I was trying to clear my last quest: A final blow. That’s the one where you fight all the way into the cave and fight two succubus and a dark warlock. On the way into the cave a druid stealthed past me. I kept clearing. About halfway there I came upon a lvl 57 horde troll mage Morrowin. Instead of fighting the mage started helping me. I was thankful to be avoiding a corpse run in this cave.

We cleared to the room with the quest mobs and they were gone. I bet the druid got them. We waited and Morrowin helped me kill the two I needed. I waited for the long respawn and helped Morrowin. We thanked one another, but the adventure continues!

I had always heard there was an elite mob at the back of this cave. So I headed that way. Sure enough Morrowin followed and continued killing mobs, and saving my warrior butt.

So finally we get there. There he is, Lord Banehollow and his minions. Morrowin pointed, I charged in. We got the imp, Banehollow’s buddy and we came so close. I died first, but I found myself still cheering for Morrowin.

Morrowin, I was honored to die with you trying to kill a common enemy.

If you run a horde guild and are looking for a class act of a player, Morrowin was not guilded.

If you are looking for a mediocre tank and dps to hang out with Jaqen and Oberyn are available. Oberyn is trying out a new guild and Jaqen is once again homeless.


Good on you for posting this :slight_smile: :+1:t4: You’re as wholesome as he is.

This type of stuff is why I’ve enjoyed grobbulus so much. Cheers.

It’s because it was troll. Grievers and similar outcasts are rolling undead.