[Horde] [Herod PVP] <YEETICUS MAXIMUS> Late night sunday/monday raiding guild. LF MEMBERS

About us
We at YEETICUS MAXIMUS are looking for dedicated raid team members to help us clear content in Classic WoW. We hope to progress through MC all the way to Naxx. Our aim is to create a relaxed, friendly environment full of players in order to achieve a common goal. Right now, our team size has plenty of room, but by the time we start raiding, our hope is that we have 40+ members. If you’re dedicated to the guild, we have a place for you.


  • We will be raiding late at night. Mondays and Sundays from 11pm EST - 2am EST.
  • We will be playing on the East coast, PvP realm, Herod.
  • In order to determine where loot lands, we will be using a loot council system.
  • We hope to begin raiding on the 5th week after launch. This means that raiders should aim to reach cap within 3-4 weeks of launch. This is not a hard requirement; we will see how it looks when the time comes and evaluate from there.

Currently, we have plenty of room for all classes and specs. Our primary focus of recruitment right now though is DPS and Healers. The need for tanks is not as strong. We also have close to enough Warlocks and Warriors, but all classes and specs are still welcome to apply.


  • Be over 18.
  • Be punctual and responsible; Show up on time for raids (15 minutes in advance is preferable). If for whatever reason you are unable to show up for a raid, don’t worry, just let us know in advance so we can fill your spot.

How to Apply
If you’re interested in joining the guild, send me a PM on discord. We will be using discord for most of our communication. All guild announcements and updates will be posted there, as well as channels for members to mingle and talk sh*t.
My discord name is derwal#4650
Send me a private message with a little bit of information about yourself and what class/spec you intend to play. You don’t need to write an essay, just a little bit so I can get to know you somewhat.

Thank you and good luck!