Horde guilds?

Just coming back to WoW after quitting in 2013 and picked this server because I’ve always wanted to try an RP server (and always wanted to try horde), but it seems a little empty horde side while leveling. I just hit 20 and I’ve only run into two other players who weren’t 60. I feel like I have the Barrens all to myself, which is fine except for doing dungeons. Are there any casual or leveling guilds horde side or is it just generally empty until 60?

I did not notice that problem when I’m playing my alts. Of course, Barrens will probably not be full a Tuesday morning at 10 but it’s usually fine, especially in the afternoon, night and week-ends. I suggest using “Looking for groups” if you want to do a dungeon, it works pretty well.

Concerning a leveling guild, I’m not sure about it.


Sorry you are finding the Barrens…barren–but just in Thunderhoof we have 5 or 6 folks currently questing there.

As Queb said, it’s probably the time.

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