Horde guild recruiting that doesn't have Blood Elves or Sylvanus supporters?

There, I corrected it for you.

Yep. You sure did.

Perhaps! But then I made these goggles, which enhance said vision beyond the capabilities of a regular mortal!

I have since discovered that Sylvanas is still the worst.


If Sylvanas was a German or Austrian sausage, she would be the wurst.



/10 chars

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In addition to the aforementioned guilds, there’s also plenty of merchant/craft guilds, entertainment (of all kinds), tavern/host guilds, and even the Azerothian equivalent of a Humanitarian organization.

I am a little surprised at the relative lack of any religious guilds. Stuff like Shamanic circles or smaller cults. Likely I just haven’t noticed them, though.

But yeah, as mentioned, pretty much any that aren’t restricted by race are going to have some Blood Elves in them. Virtually none of them go around supporting Sylvanas these days, though.

What kind of character do you actually have, OP? That’ll make it easier to find a guild that works for them.

In the meantime, there’s…



I love this statement. The relationship between Sylvanus and Germany from a certain time period roughly 80 years ago is strikingly strong.

This seems like the only option.

I feel that it would be easiest to find an Orc only guild or maybe a Troll guild as those 2 races have significant fandoms around their lore in general. Hopefully this is the case.

Yes. This.

I don’t play on Area 52 at all. I just have this alt on there that I never bothered to change on the forums and I’m too invested in my old threads on this guy to change at this point. :frowning: lol. Also other reasons like avoiding ad hominem is a benefit I seem to have only realized after being stuck on this guy later on.

I kind of dabbled on RP servers and I’ve found that these communities are really different from the larger community. At least in my limited experience. People are more interested in lore and what not.

Sylvanus is a blemish that everyone misspells often, especially Blizzard which is mistaken on how to pronounce it. They typically spell it as Sylvanas, which is wrong.

There are others…

  • Sylvanass, because booty represents the prime interest in this character from the majority in the community.

  • Shillvanas, because a good number of her simps are straight Blizzard boot lickers.

  • Gilvanas, the supreme aspect-thespian.

If Sylvanas was Germany…

Does this mean the Orcs were Italy?

Poor performance in the war before switching sides?

In terms of recent lore and BFA I think Orcs are Russia.

I think Goblins are Italy.

Humans UK. Kul Tiras, is just the UK Navy.

Tauren are 100% France.

Thrall just keeps trying role play Switzerland.

wouldnt she be more of a Vlad?

lol Sylvanus

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I mean, I could make some comments to that narrative…

But, all considered, looking at how Blizzard is setting it up and basically throwing the word ‘Armistace’ rather than peace in our face the moment they get the chance…

I’m just going to say the bitter faction isn’t the one in red… and it’s not going to be the Night Elves going mental (Thank Elune. NOW GIVE PALADINS!)

This said. I will remark that the Forsaken embodied the German militarism and aggression while also being the Ottomans and Austrians at the same time with full scale implosion.

I don’t know if the Troll tribal guild around Zul’Gurub is still around: they never actually advertise their recruitment. There’s an Orc guild that RPs around Crossroads too.

I guess it depends: what are you looking for? Any hints other than not a loyalist based guild and no blood elves allowed?

I can confirm Shadowtusk Clan is still alive and well. I’m not in them, but I know they’re there.

No Kul Tiras is definitely the USA, they totally ignore the war until it affects them in a tangeable way.


Nothing has been better for the undead role-play community than the constant comparisons to the followers of a certain man with a toothbrush mustache, not Charlie Chaplain.
Oh wait? Its been terrible.


im the only faction

puts Vagrul up on trial in the Brennadam trials

Well maybe it’s be different if you did more silent slapstick with old timey ragtime piano in the background.

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And of course, the fifth theme - extra bank space