Horde get Merc mode, Alliace get

You can have it for 10,000g (not to be confused with 1,000g).

Damn… I get it. Alliance is too cowardly to queue BG’s, it’s not to do with Horde having 4000 more active users at all times than Alliance between the two Aus PvP realms.

I always wondered if it was the huge disparity in faction numbers, or the potential cowardice of pressing buttons in a BG setting over other settings, the coward thing seems more plausible.

@Drain 1k. Seems fair, but… With the promise that Horde never get it. Otherwise… Merc BGs should come with a 10g cost per queue.
You can queue normal BGs for free, as always, but you can tick the Merc option, but it costs 10g per queue.

Man, I’m full of ideas today!

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Just a fact. The amount of alliance players queueing to BG is far less than horde, and it has nothing to do with the active players from horde.

It is only expected t hat people who chose fluffy gnomes won’t go PvP.

Alliance gets AvA aka merc mode too, you know. They just don’t need to use it as much.

Seems like it’s already a fair trade!

The only time that has happened on our BG, it was considered a bug and Blizzard fixed it. Lol.

@Thereza, it’s not lost on me that I’m replying to a troll, but I mean… I didn’t expect this to be a proper discussion thread either so… We’re all having fun.

Have you ever wondered why a majority of PvP players are Horde though? I’m sure you’ve at least read about it if you haven’t, but given that the racials are very strongly geared toward the Horde in terms of PvP, of course a lot more PvPers would be attracted. There has always been a balance though. The balance was that because the racials are better on Horde, they take longer to gear up.
Now, because of the unending tears, Blizz is breaking that balance to appease the masses so… Let’s break some other things to try and get it back to a good place.

See? All logical :slight_smile:

It was never a bug, alliance players are just the minority of PvPers so it makes sense there’d be less AvA games.
Blizzard reduced the chance of AvA because players wanted it.

No no, I mean it was literally considered a bug that Alliance vs Alliance games happened, this was addressed and fixed by Blizzard. The math on it was just wrong, and should’ve never happened.

Nope, it was never a bug. AvA chance was lowered by Blizz because alliance pvpers preferred fighting the opposite faction. (Blizzard’s words)

It was one of the many things tbc naughty severs did to attempt sever balance. It usually failed though.

Very true for BGs. But perception is quite strong in arena even with counterplay.
I would love BE racial as NE lol

It wasn’t a preference if I recall. It was that Alliance queues actually slowed down to be queued with other Alliance teams because the math was pushing Horde vs Horde more, hence why it was considered a bug.

@Zyotsu, you’re 100% correct. Perception is the exception to the rule, but generally, only for Dual DPS 2v2’s, it’s amazing.
It’s also very painful when the team with Perception is a dual DPS team. For anything else, it’s just good.

Anyways, my idea stands. We’re trying all these massive changes to the meta, so let’s try one more. Give us a week of Alliance with Dual spec, see how it plays out. Blizz is all about these 1 week tests, so let’s try it out.


Note there is no mention of “bug” or any matchmaking software issue

Of course there isn’t…
The dismay if you actually read the threads though, was that queues had increased for Alliance when being queued against another Alliance team.
The day that Blizzard admits to a mistake…

Or perhaps there’s more Horde queueing due to more Horde population?

Just a fact right? Factual opinions are amazing

Na. You get reward boxes. Enjoy the extra mana thistles and stuff.

AvA would be fun too bad I never got in one :frowning: I’d imagine I wouldn’t like HvH because then muh racials and stuff lol

And here I thought that bag of goods after each BG will shut u up. What more do u ppl want? lol

Your faction brought about these changes…

So u are basically saying alliance can’t pvp because they can’t beat the horde racials in which half don’t even get used in bgs in the first place.

Guess that explains everything alliance players need more skill just to beat the racials.

Ah I see, it’s gone from “literally a bug addressed by blizzard” to “forum replies say so, blizzard is hiding the truth!”

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